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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Autumn diary

Last year I dimly recall that the leaves turned brown in late August. This year I saw, or at least noticed, my first yellow leaf today.

I don't much go for climate-change 'alarmism' or 'denial'. I do know what I am supposed to believe. Since I am ornery I'll prefer to link to the 'denial' side on my sidebar. Since I am not an expert in this field I am not wedded to that side of the argument.

In this narrow case think what has happened was the solar-flare. This event has prolonged our summer, as far as vegetation goes, that one extra week (and, perhaps, hastened the antipodean spring). But now the flare is over (and we got a cool and cloudy weekend). So, autumn is coming. And starting next weekend I see that the models are predicting a cold and wet autumn.

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Alabama: please vote for Roy Moore

For a long time, I have disliked Roy Moore's rulings from the Alabama state bench. He has tended to rule from God's Law against the law of, well, America. His conception of G-d often differs from mine. And, more to the point, from American ceremonial-deism... which is why he kept getting overturned.

Among those rulings, Moore had directed his lower courts to oppose homosexual "marriage". On this much, he is more in the line of Western and Eastern "Tao". I - call me deist, for this purpose - count myself among those who say that marriage has an ancient and sacred meaning, to exclude same-sex pairings. The Supreme Court had ruled otherwise on that. This is wrong; but still, even here, the law is an ass, as they say. So Moore's decisions... are untenable. Illegal.

Rather than stay on as a judge, and make a lot of ineffectual noise, Moore did exactly the right thing which was to move instead into the Senate. There he can add his vote to impeach the judges who have foisted the Code Of Sodom onto these united States.

So, from my standpoint as a past opponent of Moore as a jurist, I endorse him wholeheartedly as a lawmaker. May he win his primary. May he win his election. And may all his fellow Senators follow his example.

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The New York Review Of Books is corrupt on Islam

Earlier this year, Harvard published perhaps the worst book on Islamic origins ever writ by a Western scholar, Bowersock's Crucible. The New York Review Of Books then published a slobbering puff piece on it. I noted immediately that the reviewer was rotten and I called reviewer-shopping on the part of the Review. That was based on a lack of other theories on why they'd choose this joke of a reviewer. I still lacked the Review's motive; so I proposed the general Manhattan insulated-liberal COEXIST groupthink.

Bruce Bawer has looked further into the Review's history and present staff (for which, I thank him). Bawer turns up that it's worse than that. The rag is now published by Ian Buruma. Buruma has gone full apologist.

So, there's the motive. For researchers of Islam generally, do not take New York Review Of Books as an authority on this topic.

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MLK's dream as Alinskyite meme

The dissident Right and the activist Left are in entire agreement with the content of Martin Luther King, Jr's platform, to whatever extent they adopt his platform for their own. Mine own journey into the dissident Right was in no small part spurred by my learning that these two sides were historically correct. And that the mainstream Right, which looooves them some airy "content of character" rhetoric, was wrong. Not just wrong, but dishonest.

As a servant of arta, and as one who's just not that effective a liar, I'm not much into lies. For six years now I've been making a point of trolling those stupid Conservative posts wherever I find them (actually it's approaching eight). Today I've found a fellow honest Rightist with an actual argument, there might be some utility in co-opting King: MLK is an asset to be exploited. Regardless of what accounts of his inner thoughts reveal, his more famous public words push in a precisely opposed direction. That makes his soaring rhetoric useful.

That is: where some Lefty pushes identity-politics, throw the Dream speech at 'em. Make them live by their book of rules. Well, it's an argument. As such it deserves respect.

To that, I must point out that from a historical standpoint, this tactic is a loser. The Republicans had thought exactly this when they agreed to Civil Rights in the 1960s; that they could piggyback on The Dream and prune their old Civil Rights stance into a principled defence of equal access for everybody.

It didn't work. Lyndon Johnson offered to the non-white population that ancient Democrat alternative: so you don't like the Machine, what if we just bring you into it. Blacks then voted for the Machine. You see the results in the electoral tallies, and on black / social-justice Twitter, to this day. What we learnt, and what Republicans should have learnt, is that blacks will vote for equal-rights if the alternative is white supremacy, and will tell you all day long about their love for Jesus; but blacks will vote for black supremacy over equal-rights. (A candidate might make more headway from other bases, immigration being one. But never from equal-rights.) Blacks are not Olympians, moral superiors to the human race; any more than Bull Connor's voters were. The Stars-n-Bars nostalgists and the Selma marchers grew up in the same damn towns. And Martin Luther King knew it, tribal shaman that he was.

Citing "muh dreem" does have one sure result I've noticed. It is sure to keep alive the memory of Martin Luther King himself, reigning over America as a sacred icon. Young people will be inspired to read Martin Luther King's writings and to learn that he was a medium-c communist and black nationalist. Some readers may be red-pilled as I was. Most will end up as communists instead.

Because here's the thing with icons - they can't be debated.

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Milo ain't nothin' but a bitch

Start an event; tell the suckers that some speakers are showing up; ask the invitees after the fact. Unsurprisingly the "speakers" (Charles Murray, for one) are upset about this trading on their name.

The Posse warned you, Milo.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Team Juggalo

Washington DC saw a few rallies today. Soi-disant Trump supporters who are really alt-right LARPers, soi-disant anti-fascists who are really fascists for the other side, and... Insane Clown Posse fans.

I tend to prefer the side of honesty and free-speech, so, WASSUP MAH NINJAS WHOOP WHOOP.

In other internet news, the Spartiate Caste has weighed in: Marine Major General Geoffrey B. Higginbotham. The rant is not entirely coherent, but then my posts here aren't always blessed with coherence either. His points are (1) if you are paid to attend a rally, you're a mercenary and (2) left, right, your rallies are damn lame.

Maybe we'll all end up turning to that Shaggy 2 Dope / Violent J ticket in 2020.

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Ann Althouse paraphrases the Left's twittersphere

We are all aware of how diversity works on campus with respect to non-Leftists. Ann Althouse notes a lack of inclusion as well. As to the perfectly-logical-explanations:

I would expect some progressives to argue that it's fine to make conservatives feel like outsiders because: 1. Conservatives make those in groups that have historically felt like outsiders feel like outsiders, 2. Conservatives can take it, they're not all about feelings, 3. Conservatives should follow their own ideology and take responsibility for their own condition and fight for success, not look for others to blame, and 4. Conservatives actually have weaker minds, deserve their lack of success, and cannot credibly beg for affirmative action.

#1 can be countered with Leninist who-whom. I've seen #2 and #3 on flamewars all the time - used as an Alinsky tactic, and never in good faith. "Hurr durr, SNOWFLAKE! LULZ!"

#4 is the statement that makes a testable hypothesis. And the hypothesis has some actual scholarly work behind it, starting with - I think - Theodore Adorno's Authoritarian Personality.

First, a digression, because #4 needs unpacking: the ending "cannot credibly beg for affirmative action" has some nuance around it. A university could, if it were honest, recognise "white conservatism" as a disadvantaged background. Any problems will then arise not from diversity, but from inclusion. That is: the conservative who is accepted won't be promoted until he Overcomes His Challenges, which I guess means Checks His Privilege in this context. Like the low-SAT black man accepted into a medical school, such a Checked conservative will disproportionately flunk out or say "screw this noise" and leave.

Stripped of that, it often rubs me the wrong way when I see self-satisfied Twitter leftists tell conservatives, with varying degrees of politeness, that they're just not that bright. They are not showing intelligence themselves in the mere act of cutting down others. In any case Twitter is hardly the medium for a reasoned and extended argument, nor anything much beyond the Sick Burn and the animated meme. The worst sort in my opinion is the commenter who just repeats "Creationism!" as if that explains the whole problem. (There does exist a non-creationist Right, you know. HBD in particular is less creationist than, say, the Blank Slate axiom.)

Here and there I've looked into Quillette and Turning Point (with the College Fix), but for various reasons these won't do - Quillette are entryists, controlled opposition; and TPUSA (=CF) are fascist, obscurantist thugs. So I dunno. The Heterodox Academy?

UPDATE 9/17: from Razib's twitter, SCIENCE!.

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A tale of two movies

Brad's Status was screened at the same time as mother!!1. The first reviews for Brad's Status were weak, with terms like "white male whining" showing up on RottenTomatoes. But where motherEleventy went from 80ish to 69 (as of now), Brad's Status went from 70ish to 83.

Matt Drudge had a feeling about mother@#$%. So his link went to Rex Reed in The Observer. Rex Reed is paywalled so I'll sum it up: y'all been had.

When I think of movie critics, I think of failed film-students and underemployed humanities-majors. Such would figure that if some nerd directs a film, that there HAS to be a point in there somewhere. And if we consider that the reviewers in certain urban areas share a *koff* certain ethnic/religious background with the director... well, we cannot let the side down, can we. As a result they are easily rolled in early screenings, where they sit alongside their fellow critics, who are as uncomfortable as they are.

(This smart-set treats Stiller movies like they treat Sandler movies; prolefeed from people who "should know better".)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

The evacuation and reparation of Barbuda

Barbuda is empty. On wikipedia its population is "0"...

In the Caribbean, especially in its smaller, flatter islands - that sometimes happens. Barbados was populated back in the Carib days; and then, when the English first showed up, the English found Barbados empty. Hurricanes happen. Droughts used to happen, when there weren't fleets or desalination plants to truck water in. Volcanoes and earthquakes happened. Caribs happened; later, Portuguese happened. The Caribbean is paradise, except when it's hell. And the devil doesn't always give a courtesy-call in advance.

The Barbudans are, like Antiguans (and Bajans), majority black today. And the Antigua-Barbudans have been vocal for reparations for slavery, that institution which dragged so many Africans against their will to the Caribbean deathtrap.

Let us consider the evacuation of Barbuda a welcome first step to such reparations. No longer are the black people in Barbuda cursed to live there! This is a literally heaven-sent opportunity for the world to restore Barbuda to that island's original inhabitants who are, if I am not mistaken, the Arawak. I do believe that the Arawakan language has been recorded and that people of Arawakan descent still survive here and there. May Barbuda be the Arawakean Zion!

I call upon the International Community to act swiftly to restore to the Arawakan people their island, so wrongfully wrested from them by the white man. I cannot see how any black man, either, can object to such reparative justice.

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The Kennedy liberals and Vietnam

Say what you will about the John Kennedy administration; say what you will about the Americans' role in the Vietnam war. There are Yankees still willing to fight that war. And, against them, there are New-Lefters still willing to fight for "peace"; meaning against that war, meaning against the rights and the lives of the free people of Vietnam (especially of its South, and its Catholics).

As we can see, the Vietnam War was, in America, a civil war - fought with propaganda. Maggie's Farm is hosting a comment by Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Sang of (south) Vietnam. Why Maggie's Farm, some obscure blog I had to find out about from Ed Driscoll, a man I don't even like that much? Because Dr Sang had already tried a mainstream site - Yahoo, who banned his statement. So let's all do our part, to let the world know, what Yahoo don't want you to.

The real Vietnam War isn't over. The real war is fought in the souls of every Vietnamese "yearning to breathe free" in his own land. And the counterpart to that war was and is fought in the newsrooms of the United States; and in that front Yahoo (for one) remains on the Soviet side. In that light, when we read Dr Sang: My question is why didn’t the filmmakers show the scene of the VC shelling on March 9, 1974, that had killed 200 pupils of Cai Lay Elementary School and the massacre of almost six thousand innocent people of Hue during the VC ‘Tet’ Offensive in 1968?...

... we can answer that, too. Those casualties weren't useful to the newsrooms in the 1960s and the 1970s. And they're not useful to Yahoo. And they're not useful to Ken Burns.

It somewhat grates my teeth to concede much to the Kennedy liberals, or to the Northeast generally. (It is the English Cavalier in me.) But, lest we forget, other nations were involved in the American game-of-thrones, nations like the Vietnamese. Given the tech-Left's willingness to censor views contrary to the New Left narrative, Maggie's Farm deserves praise, for risking its very existence on behalf of the Vietnamese people.

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Why I don't bother with Gab

I never did get an account on Twitter.

I did get accounts on Facebook and, G-d forgive me, on okCupid; but I've long since bailed out of both. This was before they were all involved in social-justice censorship. For okCupid, I'd go further: the place used to be run on principles we'd now class as alt-right. Steve Sailer (no less) used to run spin-off posts from statistics the okCupid dataminers were noticing about the site's demographics and usage-patterns.

Anyway, they've all gone to the dark side now, including Twitter. When I've been tempted to branch out to twitterlike outfits, the one that springs up is Gab. Gab is the outfit that refuses any censorship at all. And there we run against the free-speech problem from that other side - specifically, knowingly false and defamatory free speech.

Gab's problem is that you cannot actually do that, as a principle of law. One is allowed to make comments about statements of fact. One such statement is "Brett Kimberlin was the Speedway Bomber and was justly incarcerated for his violent spree of terror". A statement imputing homosexuality, especially against a married man? No; that's defamatory, and - for one - Senator Baucus should have done time for that. This goes double for an action or propensity to action that is still legally criminal, like paederasty.

Andrew Torba of hasn't gotten that picture. Gab is currently a den for illegal activity, specifically slander. It remains such a den, a sort of Mafia-fence for libel, as long as they don't enforce bans against libel from its users. Gab's lawyers and freelance defenders can complain about the SJWs in Apple and Google all they like, but the facts remain that Gab would be in the legal and ethical wrong in any jurisdiction. Good luck incorporating in Russia once Putin figures out Pussy Riot can get an account there.

Besides any moral qualms I'd have with use of the Gab service, I just flat don't think it is long for the Internet.

UPDATE 9/16: and now Gab is going in for doxxing.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

The straying housewife

Back when Lawrence Auster was still alive, and kicking - and boy, did he ever kick hard - I used to follow also his acolyte, the Thinking Housewife. For those who don't know or no longer remember, this is where Laura Wood was at in 2011.

And this is where Laura Wood is at now, on this day, linking amongst others. Never mind those Sauds. The mass murder of thousands of Americans was engineered by the Zionists. JOO JOO JOO!

I know, I know; Mr Auster was only born into that tradition, and he was never shy about blasting his relatives' slide into tikkun-olam heterodoxy, and he apostasised from all of it for Christianity.

I still can't see the Lawrence Auster of old approving of where Laura Wood has gone.

Women need a strong man to guide them. Just like men need a good woman to soften them. Auster was a strong man. Wood...

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Tilly's story

One "Tilly" was a regular at Little Green Footballs over 2003. On 13 September that year, she delivered an oral history of events to that site.

The proprietor of that site has since deleted Tilly's comments. He's got his reasons; whether they justify the eradication of history, I'll leave to others. For now I give you the 2007 reminder - before it is deleted too:

If you haven’t discovered “Tilly’s Story” of surviving the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, posted here on September 13, 2003, now might be a good time read it … or re-read it:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Fortunately for historians of the future, Free Republic copied Tilly’s 9/11 story. So has RightNation / Hollywood Halfwits. I suggest downloading those pages and mirroring them.

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Never forget and shiiiet

The Ewok, anagram for "Woke": "Never forget" feels like a hollow slogan when much of America began the effort to forget 9/11 weeks after it happened. "Weeks"?

This very sluaghairm was evoked earlier today by Rob "Meathead" Reiner: As we send our thoughts,donations and love to victims of Irma,we must never forget Donald Trump is the worst POTUS in US history. (Only conservatives seem to remember why he was ever called "Meathead". Liberals just remember Archie.) We could also mention Benghazi, another 9/11 black-ribbon event; except that the Left has suborned that meme too. But that's all by the way.

What I would like us Never To Forget, this year, is how over the whole Bush II Presidency the American Left objected to any attempt from the Right to reach across that proverbial aisle. And how in September 2011 the Leftists didn't wait a whole week. Oh, no. Not in their hearts anyway.

Today's lesson comes from the Scriptures Of That Weapon Brown / Clarissa Webcomic Guy, one J Yungbluth. Now, both of those comics are fine works of satire, especially Clarissa. But Yungbluth's fans often forget that he'd done, later in 2001, a third comic; a Politically Charged comic. Hint: when someone tells you that they are a Political Junkie, run the fuck away. (I learnt this from xkcd.)

Yungbluth announced the new project 15 September 2001. As of that moment, we in the West knew of two main pro/anta-gonists: the ideologues of jihad, specifically narrowed-down to Osama at this point; and the President of the United States at the time.

The very next day, Mr Yungbluth put out the first strip in that series. This referred to the Sunni-Islamists as generic "terrorists" and the President as a guy who can't pronounce the word "nuclear".

So: never you mind the civilisational stakes. Don't you even bother uniting around a common cause! George W Bush is still the wrong man for the job, and that is what matters.

Despite that Yungbluth is evil and treasonous, with no interest in America as a going concern - its 2001-era population or its ideology - I do at least appreciate that Yungbluth told us as much. He showed us the Democratic soul. The other Democrats like Tom Tomorrow and TIME magazine just hid it better.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Republican BBQ in an undisclosed location

Colorado Republicans voted against Trump in the Assembly (we didn't do a Presidential primary) and then the state at large voted against Trump in the general. In my town, during last year's Labor Day parade, our float got booed - by little kids. I didn't even bother this year. So this afternoon, there's a sooper sekrit barbecue that we had to register to join.

Republicans here tend to be very elderly white folks. And when they compose their Winning Conservative Message to submit to the state at large, that message is Bigguverment hurr Muhguns durr Librul - that they are bitter, and that they cling. That they subsist upon inherited wealth, which they deny to the less-racist; and that they may easily be parted from it. Maybe the Boulder County Republicans are a cut above. Maybe. Meeting up in some bunker in the middle of nowhere does not exactly signal a position of strength.

I would add that bigguverment as a foil is a loser. It is an abstraction, first of all; and it also apes the old Leftist memes of Big Oil, Big Pharma, and on and on. Going against bigguverment is particularly perverse in this part of the state: if not from the Feds or from Colorado itself, other yuuge employers include the state university system, the hospitals, legal / regulatory compliance, and computer software which also often serves these others. But hey, y'all got the masochist vote.

The Republican message has additional problems when it harkens back to old nineteenth-century... liberalisms: We Gave The Vote To Women! Civil Rights!, as the Labor-Day floats gaily announce. The first instinct among the onlookers is to look at those old biddies and to roll their eyes at the schoolmarming. The onlookers then think to themselves, so, even the conservatives have accepted that Social Justice is a good. Now let us find the party to give us more liberalism and more social-justice, for the future.

So my advice to the Republicans there is going to start with: don't act complacent, don't show weakness, don't play the schoolmarm and don't concede anything to the Left.

They still need a positive message. I would go with affordable family-formation, and aid to the working (not "middle") class. Abolish the "use taxes" and the various income taxes. Direct the state's-spending to infrastructure especially road-construction. Support cheaper energy defined as, kilowatt-hours per unit of pollution - so, with a bias to nuclear, against those hideous bird-blenders. Support free speech and due process rights in the universities. Push a hard line on illegal invasion and H1B/H2B visas - play up the safety angle, as well as how it cuts down salaries. Push a hard line against so-called "antifa", especially if from out of state; and against those who fund it.

As far as the overall messaging, I noticed last year on the trail that the educated (white) women here despise more downscale presumed-Republicans for being uneducated (i.e., not on our level, dear). Some ads showing muscly hunky men working in construction and/or in oil-fracking might turn these women around.

The upscale Asian minority for its part made a big thing about Trump "catering" to white nationalists. Leave aside that this is a weasel term - the proper response is to turn this around, if "catering" is so bad, then what about Hillary "catering" to black nationalists, in particular to the pro-criminal segment Mothers Of The Movement (as in, the M4BL; as in, #blm)? Now, in my experience, the Asians didn't want to hear it. This means they know that, if it were true, it would be an effective counter-argument. As it happens it WAS true; Clinton had those evil women with her on the damn stage. The Republicans should have hit that hard, should have run explicitly against what Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown actually did. With a bus and small-train system, many Left-leaning rich towns here are vulnerable to crime.

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Anti-Semitism is particularly stupid in Europe

Various places I poke at in dissident-right circles occasionally direct me to one Jack Sen and his "British Renaissance Policy Institute".

As to the outfit, which as far as I can tell is pretty much just Mr Sen, its unwieldy title reads like a portmanteau of Jared Taylor's "American Renaissance", which I mostly like, and Spencer's "National Policy Institute", which I've always thought was silly. As for Sen himself... er.

The "Sen" name to me sounds about as British as the "Slowes" name; it looks pronounceable as English, but it doesn't at all look native. It turns out that Mr Sen, like me, is a mix. In his case he's part Asian, specifically Hindu - I'd have guessed Malay or Burmese, but I think he claims India. Unlike me, Mr Sen sometimes pops off about Slovessîm. I stumbled onto another silly site, Occidental Observer, commenting on that.

It is one thing to blast an individual (who may or may not be Jewish) for being a globalist who displays no interest in the British people. It is quite another to accuse her of doing it For The Jews or, dear G-d in Heaven, for Israel. If the last UK election had been up to British Jews - or, if you like, to Jews Resident In Britain - the Conservatives would have swept almost every Parliamentary district. What was the result - 75% Tory? Those voters didn't do it for their brothers in the Holy Land. They did it for their literal brothers, in their own homes, whom and which they feel are now under siege.

My recommendation to Mr Sen, then, is to leave be your allies - because most Jews in the UK are allies - whilst they are, in fact, acting according to your interests. When individuals don't, those individuals deserve to be called on it - as individuals. If members of minority groups claim to be doing it for their peoples' cause, link to members of that group who dispute that. In this particular case such members won't be difficult to find.

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

An unsubtle tactician promises a subtle grand-strategy

I looked at a pivotal scene in Vox Day / Beale's A Throne of Bones a week back. The author on his blog points me to an ongoing review, from one Stephen Wright. Wright is, I hear, a professional in the Fantasy field. Wright is also a thundering asshole, and he further hates Beale personally. Given all that, Wright is harping on Beale's style. And, somehow, finds a genuine flaw in his book.

To get some stuff out of the way, Wright's hatred leads him to miss the point of many chapters. For instance, chapter 12 - the scene I looked at earlier, when Corvus executes his idiot nephew Fortex. We observers are not meant to care about Fortex, the idiot. We're meant to care about Corvus, about what might happen to him when he returns to the (clearly) family-driven Amorr. This isn't the scene where Ned loses his own head. This is the scene where Robb beheads a Karstark.

Wright's review tells me he misses the point of Throne of Bones generally. Yes, the Goblin incursion looks like Völkerwanderung. No, nobody asks about root-causes at the time. But... we do (later) learn of another inhuman threat to the outlying borderlands, in the ulfin - these creatures, attacking the Islands Of The Wolf. The opening chapters have shown us strands separately, and promise to tie them together later.

But Wright could have honest reasons for getting the book overall wrong, leaving aside his own goal on Chapter 12. Wright (as Vox Day's rebuttal has noted) complains about distraxions in the book's prose. Wright notes that the narrative puts names onto characters who don't matter, that it tells us stuff it should show, and that it raises a tabletop-gamer's view of that battlefield. (This last Vox bit, I'll admit, Wright has neatly pantsed by means of a Spike Milligan quote. It is never wise to cross a man who reads Milligan.) Wright believes that this book's opening chapters are too prolix and saturnine.

I take it that Vox Day wants us to grant him the benefit of the doubt, that he is setting up the pieces on his board. If we've been primed to see the author as overly-didactic, we assume that if winter is coming, then some character will say Winter Is Coming... over and over again.

I'd been giving Vox Day this much leeway because I know, from watching his blog, that he's a subtle thinker in real life. But if a reader is hostile to him, or just stumbles onto his fiction, the fiction's style needs to make that case.

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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Stages of (im)maturity, as a writer

Let's be frank: if you are a self-excusing Secret King, your fiction is going to suck. You're going to be using your own fiction as an escape from your miserable life, inserting your avatar into the text as the hero. Few of the situations in your story are going to ring true. In addition, readers can sniff out the Mary Sue stench from miles away. To the extent you get fans at all, they're going to be losers like you.

Ahh that felt good.

Beyond that... Maybe "Sigma" is the next stage - the loner. This entails situations where the main character is locked into a survivalist situation and has to get out. Such a story doesn't even need other characters beyond the point-of-view avatar. Also the paying public will read a story like My Side Of The Mountain or Cheryl Strayed's Wild, people who aren't hopeless.

Say what you will about the Omega, s/he at least might have self-awareness. The loser who knows it has likely had a lot of time to ponder What Went Wrong. The resulting fiction stands a chance of being Aristotelian in its character-arc, whether it is Rise-And-Fall or Fall-And-Vengeance. For his/her own sake, Rise-And-Fall is healthier.

Whether it is better to be the former - the "Gamma" - or the "Omega" seems a wash to me. The former knows he deserves to fall into the Omega Pit. Mind you the Gamma may or may not be residing in that pit just yet. And once there it takes a lot to admit it and to pull one's self off the bottom. "Sigma" is on the face of things a better situation than either but remains a personal abdication of participation in human society.

The Omega, therefore, has more maturity than does the Gamma in denial and the Sigma in retreat. The fiction he writes will show it, by being of higher quality. But it will still be limited, just adding vengeance and (maybe) tragedy to the Sigma's repertoire of base survival. And, personally, it's still not a life well-lived; it's not Alpha, Beta, Delta. If s/he wants to improve and to get out of the pit, s/he will have to learn from those past mistakes, not just about them.

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Queen of the Spiders

There's a movie remake of Lord of the Flies coming out, reskinned. Where the author Golding had cast adolescent males, being a Feminist Ally and a Brit at that; this new one is going to involve an all-female cast.

Just from a literary standpoint, an island of Mean Girls has possibilities.

To help such an author out, the experiment's been tried in real life. Spoiler: it didn't work. But in the womens' defence, the contrasting island of men had probably read Golding's book already and so knew what pitfalls to watch out for. Women who would be independent - "feminists", to use a phrase from an earlier, better, time - haven't experienced that warning-shot. (Or at least the Dutch contestants hadn't. Readers, do feel free to comment if I missed one you've found.) All they got is that Dutch Survivor episode. Which they very-likely found the way I found it - by accident. Once dropped onto the Isle Of Regal Euarthropoda, they don't get working iPads to look this stuff up.

So not only is a female "Lord of the Flies" possible, it is necessary. Now: who's going to write it?

As for female-dominated Hobbesianism, I am now coming around to thinking that Gary Gygax had plotted exactly this in his module Queen of the Spiders: that such a society would have its own ensnarements, subtly different from the weaknesses of a male society. Except that Gygax being male himself might not have been the best person to describe it.

The female-Flies movie is, also, currently being produced and written by men. Some people worry, likewise, that these men might not understand women well-enough to do it. There's a worry we'll get another Layover...

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Pansexual means paedo

I think parents with children are all aware of the little white lies they tell when something comes onto the telly or is shown on highway billboards that the li'l tykes aren't ready for. In that light I do hope that nobody is fooling anybody with the "P" in the alphabet-soup, that it means "pansexual".

Humans who swing to either (adult) sex are bisexual, "B". (We can discuss the ramifications of bisexuality here some other time.) The term "pansexual" is, therefore, a nullity. In the alphabet-soup, it's a placeholder. It is there for the normies, to claim that the "P" means something other than what it means.

"P" can only mean paedophile. So if you include "P" in the alphabet-soup, you're covering for paedophiles.

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Fredrick Kunkle's death-wish

Jeff Bezos from Amazon / Whole-Foods is a Global Corporate Responsible Citizen. Bezos won't sell us any of that Hate - none of that Rebel stuff for y'all, y'all.

Meanwhile Mr Bezos has also bought himself a national newspaper, the Washington Post - sometimes nicknamed the National Laughingstock. Their reporter Fredrick Kunkle recently looked into Bezos' business-practices ... and he isn't laughing.

I take it that Mr Kunkle has a job lined up elsewhere or else has written a draught manuscript on Washington Post culture. Even if his editors keep him it's unlikely Kunkle's going to be working this same beat at the Laughingstock this time next week. Reassigned to cover high-school volleyball in Anchorage?

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Excluded from ENworld

I traipsed over to British-based roleplaying site ENworld today - not looking for a fight, I swear - and I found a new banner about how the place is "an inclusive community".

I got the feeling this was going to involve more than just Being Excellent To One Another; ENworld's had that policy since inception. And I find it very hard to believe anybody in this hobby was complaining about, say, Kobold Press's respect paid to Africa in Southlands (for G-d's sake, they even got my Imazighen aytma right). So I went to the link:

You MAY NOT use the terms "agenda", "ideology", "politics", or "propaganda" in relation to the inclusion of people slightly different to you in gaming products, or post any message which is discriminatory towards those who differ to you in terms of skin colour, gender, gender identification, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, or any other personal attribute. We do not subscribe to the argument that tolerance means that we need to tolerate intolerance or that inclusivity means that we need to include non-inclusiveness.

In other words it is exactly about Current Year agenda, ideology, politics, and propaganda. If you find Current Year tropes in a premodern setting, you're just banned from pointing it out. Inclusion is a political buzzword, a Newspeak Dictionary term like Hate. If you show the slightest hint of not being an Ally, then you're No-Platformed. (Can't say "excluded".)

At base it's about those faggots again; the Pats, the people with not even the integrity to be respectable homosexuals.

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I had a feeling about Arkema Chemical - that it was going to shout to the skies that it was a Global Citizen with an eye to reducing carbon emissions and, failing that, purchasing those indulgences known as Carbon Credits.

Oh yeah. Arkema has a whole page about how it's reducing its environmental footprint including greenhouse gaz (sic). And they've touted how they've earned "certified emission reductions" as well. (Apparently they're on to us about Carbon Credits.)

At this point I am convinced that the more a company touts its global stewardship, the more it pollutes the cr*p out of the environment at home. Global warming after all affects everybody! A literal garbage fire at home just affects poor people and ni underserved communities.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Church of Google

I'd figured that Vox Day had the last word on the New America (Foundation), but the shouting is not over yet.

Google has sneered down at the Old America for some years now. It bankrolled soi-disant New America - then a "Foundation" - and Barry Lynn's Open Markets Program to help sneer some more. As with their too-honest employee James Damore, Google didn't figure that their Leftist dog would stay on the leash; so, like the bullies they are, when the dog showed some independence they lashed out. Barry Lynn and James Damore now have some stuff in common to talk about.

As Lynn has shown us, Google's Leftism stops at roughly the point where Leftist policies and ideals are applied to Google. Quick, Sergei! Post another Doodle "exploring America's history of racial injustice"!

Google is now in the position of the Catholic Church 1100 AD or so. (What's left of the actual Catholic Church these days can be assumed subsumed to Google.) Google is a transnational entity holding a near-monopoly on human knowledge. And, in that capacity, it holds itself also to hold a monopoly on human righteousness.

We'll see, I suppose, how many divisions the Googlers have.

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Senator Cornyn must retire

"Fukushima", in Texian English, is Arkema. This chemical plant, in Crosby, is burning. Houston media is running a Toljaso series: the chemicals weren't stowed properly in case of disaster, and the peroxides weren't immediately diluted when the storm came. And we were warned.

It is now being noticed on the Left that this chemical-company and its allies in the industry, pretending to be a "Chemistry" alliance (SCIENCE, BRAH!!), have been generous. To, er, Texian politicians. These were the big links on Google News today so, yes, it is going to be a thing.

It's a "bipartisan scandal" in the sense that there's one D on the list, Gene Green. Republicans are used to that, although for them it usually runs DDDDDR. I doubt, however, that the state and national media are prepared to let any conservatoid spokesweasels get away with that same game.

Senator Cornyn took the Chemical Brothers' money and the Democrats will ask him about it. If he cares at all about his party, he must not seek re-election. If he seeks re-election, Republicans serious about the health and safety of their constituents need to field a primary challenge.

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