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Monday, November 30, 2015

University of Chicago

Interesting that the news that got out to me first was that threat of gun violence against the University of Chicago . F'rinstance the University of Chicago's own page.

Interesting that I had to go to American Renaissance to find out that this was a murder threat against whites. The mainstream buried the lede.

To read the papers, it wasn't antiwhite hate that did this. It was Chinese Fire!

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I happen to be pro-white, but I am not here to argue that black lives don't matter. I very much appreciate what the Nubians, in particular, have done to preserve our civilisation - Coptic and West-Semitic, specifically. (I've frequently been accused of being more exactly pro-olive than pro-white. So be it.) When "Sudan" is returned to the Orthodox Faith, I hope to be first in line to visit the place.

In my capacity as a racial fence-sitter, I must comment on this post, among others, from the "black lives matter" movement. The claim is that we live under "white supremacy" and that this must be torn down.

Stripped of humbug, #BLM aims to reduce the perceived power of whites and to transfer real power to blacks - blacks as vetted and defined by #BLM (no Thomas Sowells for them!). To do so, it strikes against economic activity in Chicago. It seeks out friendly police officers and strikes against them.

#BLM has no interest in dialogue, no interest in police ethics, and no interest in saving lives - even or perhaps especially black lives. #BLM is a Nazi movement in blackface.

It is interesting, in that respect, that #BLM is America's most successful fascist movement. In Weimar Germany, the Brownshirts got away with a lot more than the redshirts did. That was because the German police sided with the browns. If #BLM is getting away with more than - say - the KKK gets away with, that's because the American police brass sides with #BLM.

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Instapundit: The goal here is to discredit the videos — to be achieved, it seems, simply by calling them “discredited videos,” without doing any, you know, actual discrediting

Andrew Breitbart was "discredited". Judith Curry was "discredited" (h/t, rdbrewer @ AOSHQ).

When you see a mainstream outfit say that something is "discredited", note the passive voice. Then, ask yourself who, exactly, had done the discrediting. Find out for yourself how the discredit was done.

Chances are that it was a Left outfit that wrote the original hit-piece, and that the mainstream outfit had failed to notice any subsequent rebuttals. Fringe articles get laundered through more mainstream media - I've seen Conservatives try this trick too. Once the meme enters your city's main journal, then - hey presto - it's settled.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Aw, the governor doesn't like me

Hickenlooper doesn't want you to blog.

I expect he especially doesn't want you to blog about your new neighbours. And when the Platte Marathon gets bombed by those neighbours - which it will, or something like it will - Hickenlooper will be expecting you not to blog about that either.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

What to beware in Islamic Studies

It is my contention, especially given how far IQSA got dwarfed by the concurrent Society for Biblical Literature crowd, that IQSA needs all hands on deck. It needs more scholars, of whatever sex and race.

It was Kecia Ali's contention that it needs more females. It was Holger Zellentin's contention that it has enough people who look like him (now that he's got his?). Both positions are self-promoting and distracting. The IQSA-chair-elect Farid Esack was wholly on Kecia Ali's side.

Pace Spencer on the field's main problem: I don't observe that the field is at risk of Islamic apologetics. I think the field's main upcoming problem is Left entryism, colloquially called "SJW"; under cover of (mainly) feminism.

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The Study Qur'an?

Along the way at IQSA I did meet, sort-of, Joseph Lumbard. He's the Study Qur'an guy. The topic of his book did come up in his part of the roundtable, and he did address it. Lumbard was there to discuss the state of the field, and not to plug his book; and, to give him credit, he did concentrate on the former, and didn't dwell upon the latter.

Since I am big on that thesis / antithesis thing: Robert Spencer doesn't like Dr Lumbard much (the term arrogant and vapid puffball was used). Spencer's skeptical of Dr Lumbard's new Qur'an too.

I hadn't heard of the Study Qur'an at the time - I looked this up later. Since I haven't read this translation, and since I barely brushed by Dr Lumbard in person - I don't have an opinion. Yet.

UPDATE 11/30: Ugh. I must second that Lumbard is arrogant and intellectually vacuous; and add that he's antiscientific, lazy, and a bully.

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IQSA writeup

I went on a little road-trip last week. First stop was Atlanta, for the IQSA conference. Second stop was Houston. I'm now back in the Boulder Valley. I'm a little tired.

Here's my liveblog, or near-enough. I'll be adding to this placeholder-post as I think up more impressions.

The biggest impression I got is that IQSA is small. The quality of scholars is high. But this particular conference overlapped with the Society of Biblical Literature and something else called "AAR". Those guys... swamped us. I got a peek at their programme on that last Monday and, oh my - they had page after page of overlapping events, just for 9 AM on Monday. IQSA didn't have anything for that slot (which is how I ended up over at SBL). The same is true for the publishers' exhibition / bookstore: almost everything you could possibly want for the Ancient Near East and the Bible, numbering in the tens of thousands of titles; but about five books relevant to Islam, and none that I ended up buying.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

A tale of two German ladies

This one said that Auschwitz wasn't a death camp.

This one meanwhile summoned millions of non-Israeli Near Easterners into her country.

The 87 year old who got thrown into the pokey is a troll. At times she's even been a denier. I am certainly not going to support her comments that the Holocaust was a hoax. But that specific comment she got arrested for may, er, have been right...

And even if she's not right; even if this 87 year old woman is personally not a nice person. Which of these two ladies stands to cause more damage to German citizens? Which one stands to cause more damage to German Jews?

UPDATE: And you're under arrest for linking to this.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Leo on ḥmd

In Judaism, ḥmd is in the semantic field of desire. The Ultimate Commandment is lô taḥmôd.

In the Qur'an, ḥmd is in the semantic field of praise; coupled with sbḥ. Compare Q. 34:1 with Q. 59:1. An' ev'rythin' after, more to the point: sura 61, especially, had used sura 59 and likely had access to sura 34 as well.

We have an early third-party witness to al-Hajjâj's post-sura-61 Qur'an: Lewond's translation of the Correspondence. As Arthur Jeffery translated it, Paraclete thus signifies ‘consoler,’ while Muḥammad means ‘to give thanks,’ …which has no connection whatever. Hat-tip, Ian Morris.

Lewond's own language was Armenian - related to Greek, but not Greek. So I wonder if we are missing something in the double translation, Greek to Armenian to English. But it does seem that ḥmd had already exited the depths of Covetous and had entered the field of devotion.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This is the future you chose

Stephen Glass's co-author Jonathan Chait has second thoughts about the Left.

Can Chait undo his career as a shill for the Left? Can he unwrite all that he has written against the "wingnuts"?

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Ben Carson got religion

Benjamin Carson likes to talk about his violent past. Some parts of the story may or may not check out; his mum verified some of it in the 1990s, but...

Overall I'm getting a handle on Carson's "type".

Carson is the guest speaker at the storefront church. He's the guy who animatedly lays bare his soul, on how bad a person he used to be... before he found true faith. Some details might be embellished. But who cares? It's the Holy Spirit speaking through him!

Given all that: Carson's mediaeval opinions on the pyramids are, indeed, at issue. The man ain't quite right. He's got God inside his head.

So if you're supporting him, and you are yourself wondering about the stances against the Second Amendment, and for the equality of Puerto Rico... know that Carson answers to a higher power. That higher power might not allow him to protect your rights.

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Jeb: can I get a hell-yeah for killing baby white people?

If it's against potential 'racists', anything is permitted. Literally anything.

The target in question did indeed grow up to become a horrible person. As of - oh - 1923, shooting that guy would have been an act of love, as it were. On topic of the young'ins I'll disclose that I have myself delivered some pro-eugenic and even pro-Sanger comments on this blog (although I still get squicked by that 'A' word).

But am I the only one here bothered about the ethics of smothering an infant in its crib? And why did J.E.B. immediately blurt out "hell yeah" instead of redirecting the questioner to baby Lenin? or baby Gramsci, or baby Adorno?

... yeah, I know the answer to that.

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Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting!

Stop resisting!

Six, dudes. The poor kid you sent eighteen clips at was six. P.S. Here's a picture of Marksville's Finest, Derrick Stafford, 32, of Mansura, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, of Marksville. From 7 News Denver:

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The University of Missouri is a gladiatorial ludus

Football is Mizzou, in their own words. The faculty and alumni agree with this; their coup has succeeded.

If you are there for the academics - which is what State taxpayers expect of their universities - it is strongly advised you transfer out, as soon as you can.

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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Erasing Howard Phillips Lovecraft

I'm surprised it took this long.

If you want the full rundown on what Lovecraft actually believed, Radish still gots it here. Boetel has deleted his earlier blog Unamusement Park, so go read the Radish article before he changes his mind on that too. Best to download the thing actually.

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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Only racist fools trust Politico

Popular political website Politico goes full Steve Glass.

The last time I looked into Politico was four years ago. It was lying about a black Republican candidate then too.

Personally I'll admit: I don't (initially) trust black Rightists myself; I always start out wondering what's their angle. This does often help, as with Armstrong Williams and - indeed - with the people they "advise".

But I at least try to offer actual, you know, reasons. A Politico link is not a reason.

Politico isn't just for people who might start out thinking the worst of black Republicans; it's for suckers who want to think the worst. Left-voting suckers and... others.

(In that last case, there's a retraction. Sort-of. What I'd do in a mea-culpa post, which posts I've had to do on occasion, is to question what assumptions caused me to get suckered.)

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Armstrong Williams is back

Meet Ben Carson's advisor, Armstrong Williams. Ricky Vaughn bids us to remember that name.

This blog remembers. Williams was on the Dubya Administration payroll.

Now, it is possible that Williams is advising Carson on how to run a campaign. But Williams back when wasn't being paid to run a campaign. He was being paid to shill for that campaign. That's what Williams is good at: running his mouth on behalf of (pseudo)conservative white elites. So it is much more likely that Williams and Carson are planning their strategy accordingly.

Add to that, Carson's book-tour, and... well.

Hey, it's your money. Spend it how you wanna. Personally I'm not spending any of mine on Carson.

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