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Sunday, May 27, 2018


On reading Riane Eisler, I ran across references to Marilyn Jacobson - who LARPed as Merlin Stone. Jacobson / Stone had published When God Was A Woman in 1976.

"Stone's" book is more useful than Eisler's, in that Stone has a handle on literate feminist societies. Eisler - later - would handwave Gimbutas about illiterate Europe and indecipherable Linear-A Crete. Stone could call upon early Egypt, for which there survives a record. Upon Sumer too although she disapproves Akkad.

Stone was, however... a paedo, pro-incest, pervert. Certainly her book applauded such perversions. Similar sentiments were mooted in the Adam magazine's articles of that time. And in Gary Jennings' Aztec. She shacked up with Larry Schneir in 1977, ten years her junior. THE 'SEVENTIES, MAN

(At least she and Schneir stuck it out for the remaining 34 years of her life. Although the couple insisted in calling each other "Life Partners". Sigh.)

As I was reading Stone I kept seeing references to the Mother Goddess and to her son / lover Dumuzi. Eisler was much more subtle about this dynamic although it still comes through.

Stone brings up how Egyptian culture was more sexually egalitarian than the Greeks' culture (Rome lay somewhere in the middle here). The dynastic Egyptians, famously, resorted to inbreeding and, over and over again, would be overturned by other dynasties. Umayyad culture after sura 4 ended up the same way; although here their later dynasties moved to concubines.

Feminism seems to recognise the human need for order. But women aren't as effective at physical force as are men. So feminists resort to sexual methods against men, and reserve physical force against the much weaker males - namely invalids, and children. These lines blur; I suggest Moira Greyland as a witness, The Last Closet. The feminist society always goes consanguineous and ends in stagnation, disease, and defeat.

We really do need to Teach Women Not To Rape, as Glenn Reynolds keeps reminding us. Stone was a rapist (ideologically) and complicit; Eisler was a woman of her academic tribe and never said a word against the politically-correct quackery then rife in her circles. Only we, patriarchal men, can assert command.

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