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Friday, April 27, 2018

About the House of David

This blog, "The House of David", has been running since early April 2002 (attached to webpages, some of which are here now too, backdated). The blog has changed over the years... as have I.

The point of this blog is to preserve Mindthoughts. Some of my mindthoughts are carefully-reasoned. Some are ... less so, especially in the 2002-4 era. If I thought that any of these dashed-off comments were worth paying to read them, I would be selling them in a book.

For those seeking to remunerate me financially for these efforts, as it happens I have written books - four of them, at present count (April 2018). These are sidebarred at my Islam page. House of War is the one most-favourably received if you haven't picked that up already.

My faith and religion are Catholic Christian. I would argue that I have "reasoned my way into it"; I was the opposite of born into it. My ancestry is a quarter Jewish (mothers' side, although as it happens this DNA runs back to Burma, not to Israel) and three-quarters Protestant, give-or-take (the Anglicans have been odd here, as you might know).

My politics are Dissident Right, and this blog will argue from that perspective. I don't care if you label me Alt-Right.

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