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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flynn's collusion

There were rumours floating around that Lt. Col. Michael Flynn, formerly a Trump advisor, was in cahoots with the Russians. What aren't rumours, is that Flynn was taking payment from Recep Erdogan, or Sultan Recep as I like to call him.

The Turks are now saying that some US official has promised them that we'd disarm the Kurds in Syria.

Now, I doubt that we've announced any such thing to the Kurds. I doubt we've even made such a promise to the Turks - officially. From the State Department level the most we've told the Turks is "we'll pass this concern to Washington".

At a guess this assurance had come from Flynn, known for opposing pro-Kurd measures. Since Flynn isn't in the Trump circle-of-trust anymore, if he was the man who made this promise, it's no longer in effect.

The Turks have little to lose by leaking this odious promise. With it, they put Trump on notice: does he break "his" word (actually Flynn's)? If so, the Turks get the pretext to invade those parts of Syria.

What a mistake, the hiring of Flynn was. In Trump's defence... Flynn is a liar, and it can be difficult to sniff out liars. Also, being "under investigation" in today's Potomac Wetland doesn't mean much - especially since that investigation was mainly about Russia, which is bogus. Flynn's collusion with Erdogan was real, by contrast, and that's what Trump should have noticed. Well, at least this mistake was corrected.

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How conservative dissidents get it wrong

Gene Ponder, a teacher and conservative-activist in Alabama, recently offered up a reading list. The usual suspects called bias and have now got it un-offered. I figured it worth my while to sneak a peak at what he'd proposed.

I count one book by a Leftist, namely James Loewen, which book I have read. I count another book by... I'm not sure where Steven Levitt would find his home these days, probably in that underpopulated lower right; but I haven't read this one. I count twenty-nine other books, none of which I have read either. They generally look like midwit Rightish / Neocon comfort-food, the stuff that Dubya's base of too-white-and-not-too-bright Christians bought during his Administration. Except maybe for Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks; but since I am (now) an altdissident-righter, I expect I've read the basics elsewhere already.

This reminds me, here in Colorado, of how two years back Jefferson County's Conservatives tried to reform their schools. That didn't work either.

If you are going to challenge your students from the Right, don't wave the flag and sing 'God Bless America' with that fake tear rolling down your cheek. Go Froude, or go home.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Representative Scalise, Confessor

A (D)hadi recently shot Stephen Scalise at a bipartisan ballgame full of lobbyists. Scalise is recovering. Others were also shot; a Tyson lobbyist was killed. At least nobody can claim to be surprised...

To disclose, I've mentioned Scalise once before here - without much respect. He'd fumbled around on the white-identity fringe of Louisiana, to the extent it's still unclear if he was even there, but he apologised anyway, making him a buffoon. His fumblings didn't appease the Left either. So now, here we all are.

When Scalise was taken to hospital, Speaker Ryan and other Republicans went out of their way to declare this "an attack on all of us", including Democrats. Not according to the shooter's list of names, but then - there was that dead lobbyist, which Ryan must really have mourned. Ryan identifies more with such lobbyists than with his own base, which he treats as a vehicle for his personal status. That a Tyson lobbyist had attended this event disgusts me; Tyson is not on US citizens' side.

My hope is that Scalise gets "woke", and that he tacks to a pro-American position. No more bipartisan games with treasonous lobbyists. No more apologising for what his base needs.

Scalise is a (literal) target for Democrat fanatics as it is. He loses nothing by fighting back.

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Wife beating isn't a priority anymore

Our Western culture considers itself "feminist", supporting female independence (an "independence" in practice overseen by a benevolent state, funded by Obama's famously-cornucopiac stash). Some foreign cultures, by contrast, figure that a wife is the property of the homestead, which the husband runs like a baronetcy. Giving the woman a few licks of the cane is a remedy for the homestead, a lesson for her, and a salutary example for the community at large. The most pro-woman society prior to modern times was probably ancient Rome, and even the Romans accepted this. [UPDATE 8:10 PM - weev and covertcy.] Islam carries on that tradition to this day.

For whatever reasons, Westerners allow to the Muslims their pre-Hellenic familial definition. All parties dress up this allowance as "sensitivity" but this is humbug; nobody cares about sensitivity. They do care about provoking violence, because a man inured to violence at home is likely to express violence outside it. Oh, and plenty of immigrant-heavy cities happen coincidentally to be short of liquid assets. The money might be coming in, as in London, but the civic leaders have priorities.

Limiting violence by Muslims upon the kuffar is no priority for Mayor Sadiq Khan; he's directed his police budget on monitoring "hate" speech, that is on speech critiquing Sadiq Khan (h/t Sargon). Khan and those like Khan are unlikely to prioritise limits on violence by immigrants upon their own kin, either. So Illinois has been slashing budgets for shelters.

Here in Denver we're also not concerned anymore with wife beating. Here it's not even a crime. And again, it's because immigrant communities are doing the beating, and the Democrats can't afford to lose these demographics.

Overall, I don't much care. I voted against this slide back into the domestic Iron Age, because alt-lite, but then I am not a woman (and was outvoted). It's the women of Denver and the women of Illinois and the women of London who voted for this, the women who paraded their kids in the streets in their pink kitty hats and their "no gender roles" t-shirts, who are now going to feel the back of the hand. Hey, whatever they're into...

They probably don't fully understand themselves what they've gotten into. I'll just say that misogyny starts with women. Women voters should consider not contributing to it.

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