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Thursday, August 10, 2017

White people: quit telling black stories

The social-justice activists weren't able to stop That Scene in HBO's Game of Thrones; but they may well be able to stop their new anti-racist drama. Lately I've also been alerted to Laurie Forest, who dared write an anti-racist story in The Black Witch.

When you signal that you're an Ally, you signal that you're a bitch. You won't be thanked for your Wokeyness. You'll just make yourself a target - and not from the alt-righters.

If storytellers like Forest had the wisdom and fortitude to write about what The Marginalised would do to their Oppressors once the Social Justice was served, that might be a story worth the telling. Brandon Sanderson, amateurishly, poked at this in his Mistborn books. David Anthony Durham in his Acacia series did better.

But, well... Current Year.

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