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Sunday, August 06, 2017

The gnostic Left believes it is too rational

The transnational elite believes that it is superior in intellect. Yet, when defending its turf, it doesn't argue; it prefers to no-platform its rivals. I've noticed a self-rationalisation: that that their soi-disant superiority is a weakness. More specifically, that demonstrating that innate genius in a superior argument is not worth the effort.

I saw it here earlier with Perfesser Jonathan Rape Rape Brown, who kicked himself (or, claimed that his wife kicked him) for being too scholarly when he defended slavery. Now, we got Matt Siegel opining Google's weakness ... is logical reasoning based on data & statistics. Matt, like Jonny Rape Rape, has been arguing a point against opponents who were using exactly logical reasoning based on data. The subtext is that Matt - and Jonny - have abandoned dialectic.

These are people with the Higher Gnosis, and they see no point in mounting an actual intellectual defence of this texto implĂ­cito. Why should they? These pearls are lost upon us swine. We don't deserve an argument, they say; we deserve war.

Their arrogance becomes even funnier when the non-Westerners amongst them attempt Western classical allusions. As Sun Tzu once advised his Emperor, Jet Li.

Maybe Nassim Taleb has a point and it's time we quit addressing mandarin-class dolts by honorifics.

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