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Friday, August 11, 2017

Seeing whites as a race depends on what race you are

People from outside Europe see "whites" as a monolithic block. If you are non-European you can generally get whites, especially their women, to dance to your tune if you accuse them of being white - I mean, of being "racist". (This was the main joke of Stuff White People Like.) There could be a subtext here, that the white nations don't like seeing themselves as one group.

The Amerika blog - here's just one comment thread - has been running a long argument in its own comments that the European nations see themselves not foremost as "white" but as distinct from other white nations. Historically in Europe there was a strain of thought that separated the "Mediterranean" type from the "Nordic"; nowadays I suppose we'd be calling it the "European Farmer" or "Sardinian" genome, as opposed to the "Bell Beaker". Out east, think of how the Koreans hate being lumped in with the Japanese and the Chinese. In Islam, think of the fada'il literature. Back to Europe many of its component peoples are "Euro-skeptic". Anglophone news outlets on this much tend to point to Brexit.

There do exist pan-European / pro-white outlets. It was almost three decades ago that Jared Taylor founded American Renaissance. Yes, it was ostensibly for Americans; but these days it holds some appeal to the whites in Europe, like the old Romans had done (and this might have been Taylor's intent from the start - note the site's aesthetic, classical architecture). A few years ago Taylor hosted a pan-European conference in Hungary - or tried to. The Magyars shut down the main venue and Taylor ended up hosting the affair in a pub, which also almost got shut down. One attendee, Richard Spencer, spent that night in a Budapest cell. I recall reading in European circles that the Hungarian adventure was silly, especially in a non-IndoEuropean state of all places; that a pan-white enterprise was so quixotic that "only an American" could imagine it, with a synthetic sense of identity.

As to that, Ace questions whether even in America we can end up as a melting-pot. He doesn't say "white" but it's a subtext. There is much bad blood between the Red States - the Scots-Irish and (we'll get to that) the Germans - and the Blue States, who are at base Irish and East Anglia English.

It turns out that the dream of a united nation of variegated Europeans has in fact been met - this nation is Germany. Razib noted in May that the "Germans" are three distinct nations in one: Rheinlanders (read: Wallaces) and Slavs, with the actual Teutons bordering on the Danes'-Mark. The Germans themselves are aware of their internal divisions; and they haven't been shy about sharing this with outsiders, to the extent that (Anglophile) HP Lovecraft had some fun at the Krauts' expense in "The Temple".

I gather that in Europe the dream of a United Europe is mainly a German dream. White America is as we all know mostly German America. This may explain why that (white) "melting pot" theory would be shared between Germans and Americans. Taylor isn't German himself - like I'm not - but, also like me, Taylor has spent his life outside his home ground, so his views on things are distorted.

Since the melting-pot hasn't erased the three nations in Germany, after thousands of years, it is a fool's errand in Merkel's EU and furthermore a point to Ace about the melting-pot in America. (And against Taylor.) Although, it would be nice if we could at least unite in a common enterprise, like protecting all our borders...

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