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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Muhammad Atta is my copilot

I've not passed along a lot of the Vox Day memes here, and I'll leave to others to decide why that is(n't), but here's one.

Since I'm on That Spectrum, I'll spell it out: Google / Alphabet is a company that provides "free" shit in any number of forms: blogspot is one, youtube another, the search-engine being the most ubiquitous. As we all learnt in gradeschool, or should have learnt, nothing is really free. So Google / Alphabet lives or dies on advertising - targeted advertising, namely AdWords.

But it's got other revstreams, like those self-driving cars. So Google knows what you say, they know how to program algorithms that put you on their whitelist or blacklist, and they want to sell you a vehicle that runs up to 65 miles an hour along a mountain highway.

This might all be fine and good, if Google didn't care about what the drivers were doing on their spare time. Well... that's where Vox Day comes in.

Google's employees are on record wishing for physical harm on their own coworkers when they step out of line - or even when the standouts aren't breaking company policy, but just offend Google management feelz. And no, this violence wasn't just bloviating from ex-employee blowhards like Yonatan Zunger; it's not even the pro-antifa posturing. Go click that Breitbart article; the people there really do walk the talk, they really do come to blows.

If Google could kill us, they would. You'd have to be a fool to put yourself in Google-maintained physical spaces.

UPDATE 9:16 PM MST: Yeah, Steve Sailer got there first. But I hadn't read that when I posted this.

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