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Monday, July 10, 2017

We wuz kangs

One Henrik Palmgren went on Lana Loktoff's show for Red Ice TV, an outpost of the White Right. In it we learn that Red Ice doesn't like the Out Of Africa theory. They base their shpiel from Pallab Ghosh, ''First of our kind' found in Morocco', BBC 7 June. Who almost certainly does not endorse any of this.

This segment was, they tell us, from episode 39 of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. I know of it because Red Ice has offered it to us normies here.

Loktoff's most salient argument is that there must have been other lineages that died out, parallel to the "mtDNA Eve"; Eve's lineage was just the lucky survivor. Mainly Loktoff doesn't like that whites (whom she finds most beautiful of all races) come from brutish forebears of ANY sort, black or Neanderthal. She uses the word "eerie" a lot.

I quit watching this silliness when the two got to musing about aliens, around the 7th minute or so. If I wanted to hear about whites as xenomorphs, I could go look up a Nation Of Islam channel on Yakoob.

Anyway: this new find in Morocco precedes Mitochondrial Eve. What this Moroccan dead guy did not do, was contribute to modern human DNA independently of Eve, in measurable portions. He might at most complicate the question of Eve's own ancestry. And besides, last I looked, Morocco too was in Africa, 200000 years ago as much as today.

No matter how we look at this, the founding population of modern non-African humanity, at least 90-99% of it, still derives from a band of migrants who skipped from the Horn Of Africa to the Yemen in 60000 BC or thereabouts. We're all just discussing which Africans at this point.

And I don't see how Red Ice can prove from this new evidence any validation for the unique beauty and heritage of the Great White Race, leaving aside Loktoff's feelz. Remember that the ex-African migrants are also the ancestors of Asians and Tamils, and not just of them but the Sentinelese and the Australian Aborigines . . .

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