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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump: have a chat with Sessions plz

Jeff Sessions is a creature of the 1980s deepfrozen and now revived into a high post in a Republican Cabinet. This isn't as great as it sounds.

Sessions wants an end to legal marijuana, which legalisation I voted for (although I don't inhale); he wants DARE back, which didn't work at the time; and now he's going for asset-forfeiture.

I am not saying that Sessions is all bad. I like his work against Mara Salvatrucha, especially. I am also not disputing the scourge of escapist self-medication, particularly in the Upper Midwest. I am saying that his DRUG WAR HOO-AH attitude is stupid. It isn't what Trump's base voted for, at least not in reference to Reefer Madness, and it's not going to hurt Trump's enemies. A few raids gone bad and Trump's enemies are more likely to gain some new recruits.

So I would like our President to talk with this guy and to tell him to, like, mellow out, dude.

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