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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Transferring Forgottonia

The state Illinois has run out of Other People's Money and the knives are out. One interesting article came here from Kass in Chicago: divvy Illinois' territory between its neighbours. I suggest starting according to historical precedent.

Some time ago I read about states-that-weren't; among these was a section of Illinois, 'Forgottonia'. The state 'Illinois' is called that because the middle third of it follows the Illinois River on both east and west sides. The west bank of the Illinois, all the way to the Mississippi (the border) was, historically, the Military Tract of 1812; it got tossed into Illinois in 1818. Since then the old Tract has been ignored by Chicago and Springfield. Local sleazebag Dick Durbin recently used it as his springboard into Congress where he can ignore it full time.

My suggestion is for Illinois to sell this land back to the US military. The two parties can agree on what amount of state debt the tract is worth, in men and land. The Feds can then immediately turn around and offer this tract to Iowa and/or Missouri over to the west.

The name of the 'Illinois' remnant might become less accurate, since now it will be wholly on the eponymous river's eastern shore; but Mississippi is almost all on the east side of that river too.

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