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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The unfinished cosmology of CS Lewis

CS Lewis as early as The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe hinted at a multiverse theory for God, man, and the worlds between them - al-samawâti wa'l-ardi wamâ baynahumâ, as Andrew Eldritch might say. The first human(oid)s in Narnia were from two founding populations, the people of Eve and the people of Lilith. When The Magician's Nephew retconned Narnia's origin, the former are clarified as from Earth. As for the latter...

In Wardrobe, God's avatar comes to all worlds to redeem their people by means of his own sacrifice. This has happened first on Earth. The children of Eve in Narnia were Christians (Nephew explains how); so the Narnians under the White Witch (a Lilithi herself) know of Christmas, but are caught in an eternal 24 December. Then Aslan returns, and in a few months reenacts the Passion at the Stone Table. When men from one world visit the other, they don't proselytise; they compare notes, and maybe the one adjusts the other. This is arguably more a Mormon christology than a Christian.

In Nephew, we discover a third world: Charn, implicitly Lilith's land and now almost dead. A temple is visited, which honest natives of this land had erected; in it, statues illustrate the history of the land's kings and queens. At no point do we learn that Aslan had ever visited Charn.

We do learn that when a world has gone without Aslan for too long and too thoroughly, it dies. This much is illustrated in The Last Battle wherein Narnia's turn comes.

Those two books which, literally, bookend Narnia open some fairly important questions. The people of Charn understood ethics, if not morals precisely. If Aslan didn't visit the place, why is that? Does God intend His grace only for the children of Eve - excluding Neanderthals? UPDATE 7/17: Ayep.

Even in Mormonism, Christ did not die and return in that religion's new world. Shall Christ return to Earth here in another form? Do we... choose the form of our reconciliator?

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