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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Import-Export bludgeon

A couple years ago, conservatives on Capital Hill raised to our attention this slush fund called the Import Export Bank. Rafael "Ted" Cruz Junior, running for President at the time, led an effort to be rid of it.

Today, Mr Cruz and other Senators, including unfortunately one of mine from Colorado, want to use this bank to trammel American free speech and free association.

Now look: I am a Zionist. In fact I am Israeli enough by blood that I could have easily claimed Israeli citizenship when I was younger - a stint in their army, a little snip-snip, done. And I have opposed a boycott against this nation in the strongest terms within our Constitutional limits.

But jerks playing the boycott game at the individual level is a case for reverse-boycotting at the individual level. It is not a case for Federal law. It is especially not a case for using the Import-Export Bank as a tool to that end. To the extent it can be used as such a tool, it is exactly the reason a principled conservative should be redoubling efforts to be rid of it.

Cruz, for whose delegates I voted in the Colorado Assembly last year, is not behaving like a principled conservative. He needs to back out of this horrible bill.

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