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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tap water

The rundown on Eurasia: if you're in the West, you can Drink The Water. The West for our purposes includes Israel, South Korea, Japan, and certain citystates like Brunei and Singapore. (link from hbd chick)

I note here that Hungary is not a Western nation; which might be a point of pride to this Finno-Ugric people, if it pertained to anything else. Ditto those Serbs. They need to get on the ball here and clean sh!t up - literally. Also, there aren't any African countries with safe water. Something tells me matters were better in the 1970s in two (southern) African countries in particular, but... well, I'm legally obliged to say no more.

From my personal perspective, I never drank from the tap in Houston if I could avoid it; and I always told them to hold the ice in my drinks. I didn't care if the State and Federal inspectors assured me it was safe; I didn't believe them. After I moved to Boulder County - now, I drink from the tap all the time.

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