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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Netflix doing well

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is doing well. (I am not linking, because of that ironic paywall. So here's Steve's former Unz housemate Razib again.)

I was on Netflix my last year or so in Houston (2009ish). I'd rent the DVD and in between getting the DVD I'd go to Redbox. I caught up on a lot of movies this way. Then I moved and was living the Hobo Lifestyle for eleven months, so had to cancel the subscription; and around this time, coincidentally, came the Great Fail when Netflix moved online and changed their pricing model. So I never bothered re-upping.

Lately I've noticed Netflix producing their own movies and tv-series: stuff like 13 Reasons and, lately, Death Note. Stuff aimed at latter-year high school kids, and college undergrads.

If you do this semi-competently - Mean Girls comes to mind - you don't lose money.

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