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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Life under a vampiric boyar

I sometimes air out my thoughts in other comment fora before posting them here. Up to 2006 I was still using Usenet. In 10 January of that year I posted some thoughts on a work of Vampire Lord fiction: Barb and JC Hendee's Dhampir. I didn't finish reading it, which is why it ended up as thoughts-in-progress over there instead of here. I doubt I ever will finish this book because it's just not that good. But I did note one of the subplots / flashbacks:

- in which the vampires are ruling peasants from the castle they recently took over. The vamps spruce it up to look even better than it did under the previous lord. There's a wonderful D&D campaign setting buried here: In this valley, the peasants suspect their lords are undead. But no-one is killed, even if every now and again someone might wake up woozy and anaemic. The lords levy lighter taxes on the peasants' produce than do other lords, and they don't bang the farmers' daughters like other lords do. They adjudicate trials fairly between the people. If anyone from another valley, or some cleric, came in to smite the unholy darkspawn, the locals might well retort that the lords are THEIR darkspawn and that they should rather be ruled by vampires than by Vlad the Impaler down the road.

First, let's observe that I accepted stationary-bandit theory before Moldbug made it great again. More to the point of today's posts I'd intuited that, to the extent Vlad deserves an eternal curse (not in my power to dispute), it would NOT involve vampirism. Vlad wasn't one to shear his sheep just to keep himself in clover.

Now, some boyar of a sleepy Austro-Hungarian province, gone decadent and bored... that much, I could see. I'll go further: Wooden-Stake Vlad, Vampire Hunter.

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