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Friday, July 07, 2017

How the media defends its lies

When someone is out undermining Western asabiya, the media don't like to report on that. Instead they like to report on the people doing the actual reporting. Usually with an aim to destroy them.

Take this house servant of the New Class, Terry Collins, reporting on online 'hate'. Does Collins look into both sides? Nah. He looks at the opposition to such bottom-feeders as Michael 'Mikey' Weinstein. Weinstein is one of those who founds Foundations, in this case the 'Military Religious Freedom Foundation'. Weinstein is following the SPLC's racket, attracting donations to cause a big fuss where it's not wanted. Collins isn't writing an article about actual hate; he's writing to convince you that all the 'hate' is on the Right and that the Right is 'hate'.

There was a time that we might be swayed by this. But we're too used to it; we're too used to the old okie-doke. We're too used to some ambitious troll making waves on the Left by telling lies about the Right, and then riding on the wave of pushback as A Stance Against Bullying.

When the media get back to reportage and lay off the power trips, then I'll consider their case again.

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