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Saturday, July 22, 2017


The Declination writes about how the Left enforces its narrative: through charges of racism. If you are tagged with this charge, you lose money. Only people with financial independence can weather such a storm. In my case, I've frequently seen the need to lock out my blog; the last time I did that was, I think, 2011-12. So I can attest, if not directly to the social-price he mentions, at least to the fear of it.

Yesterday my place of employment invited a policeman to speak about active shooters: prevention and defence. I didn't have a problem with the latter (a Houston video, no less!). On the former, though, the cop offered some profiling statistics. 70% of these shooters are outsiders acting out a "Family Snapshot" video: I don't really hate you; I don't care what you do. Since that left 30% coworkers or former coworkers he asked us to be aware of some warning signs.

Among those warning signs was Trump support. Oh, the cop didn't call it that; he called it racism from youngish white males with a sense of entitlement and cognitive-dissonance. Especially if they are having Personal Problems.

Allow me to suggest that one way in which to add to a young man's Personal Problems is to tell him, not only that his views are evil, but that airing such views in any public venue is going to make him a target for the police. If he has paranoia now, imagine how much that will multiply his paranoia if he is told, not only that he has no friends, but that he cannot find friends.

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