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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Decolonialising Guam

Guam is eyeing the exits. A native raises a good point: A process of decolonisation that must follow the rules of the coloniser is not decolonisation, it is an extension of colonisation.

The facts are that Guam is "Austronesian", a Chamorro island. But as these things go, like on Fiji and on Hawaii, the 'Nesians aren't the majority in their own homes anymore. Some have offered for the Chamorro to retake at least the franchise but, of course, this was deemed "racist". Funny how that "racism" slur always serves the American ruling-class: against Chamorro there, against whites here...

If we weren't worried about "racism", the way forward be clear - stick Guam with Hawaii. If anyone in Guam is on Federal aid and they're not native 'Nesian, extract them from the island and repatriate them elsewhere.

'Merka still keeps the Naval base, which we need. The working Chamorro are free of at least the non-native deadwood. Hawaii deals with the social problems left over.

Actually the non-Polynesian deadbeats in Hawaii, too, should be hauled off those islands. The US guarantees that no citizen shall starve - fine. Why should Federal taxes be levied to house bums on a damn tropical resort?

AFTER LOOKING AT STATS 10:30 PM: Hello First-Nation visitors. I think you'd shown up before I posted this post, but I didn't know so... synchronicity.

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