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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


What Edward Kennedy did to Mary Jo Kopechne under that Chappaquiddick bridge was awful, and I have made many a mordant joke at his expense over the decades. I always thought the Kennedy cult in Boston suburbia was creepy, and as you might guess I don't much agree with Kennedy politics either. Edward's career as whole shows he was a bad man with no loyalty to the American people. I'd mainly taken all this for granted to the extent this blog has historically cared more about that drunken namesake across the pond. It was 18 July as of the moment I write all this (I am front-dating it because I already posted much stuff for one day) so, the Incident is being noted again. With moralism.

This week, for whatever reason, I am not feeling the urge to hurl stones at Ted's jamra. I ask my readers to look in the mirror and question the face looking back at them, what they would have done. Consider when you do so how you have acted in similar situations.

The later Kennedy boys grew up in a family where most of the women 'roundabout were whores. They liked their money, power, and fame and were pretty loose about how they got it. I'm sure Kopechne had her reasons for getting into that car alone with the Heir To The Crown. I'm unsure they were good reasons.

When a man doesn't meet many good women, but meets plenty of bad ones, it does things to his head. If he's been brought up with a lot of "Camelot" bullshit I imagine it's worse. Worse still if he's been told he is the fourth best hope for the family. (People know Jack and Bobby; they sometimes forget Joe Junior.)

Incidents like Chappaquiddick can happen over mere moments: one bad call and your options narrow, sharply. Maybe you had time to save her. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you had the chance and you spent fifteen seconds too long to make up your mind. Or ten. Or five. Which timespan do you think qualifies one as a bad man?

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