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Monday, July 17, 2017

Aslan did not visit Charn

Where we left off on CS Lewis' The Magician's Nephew, I noted a lack of evidence that Aslan had ever visited the world Charn. I also noted that Charn was a land of Lilith's children, or at least that Charn lay under their rule. Lewis tells us in that first book that Jadis was a lilitiya. Lewis implies the same of her sister and their most-relevant ancestors.

I left with the question whether Aslan ever preached to the Children Of Lilith. I may have the answer: Lewis, accepting Jewish tradition, had read further into its implications. In Judaism, the mainline are sons of Adam. This includes Jews, Samaritans to an extent, and maybe Esau / Edom. It doesn't include those other gentiles.

But, I hear you interject, it says right there in Genesis that we're all sons of Adam. Even in the Tradition monsters like Jadis are from Adam; so what gives? Well, that part of the Bible wasn't written for you; it was written for Iron Age Semites, and in Semitic culture there are sons and there are sons. The heirs, natural-born or not, are marked as Ben or Bar or Bin or what have you. The physically-begotten children are, in Arabic anyway, Walad. Robin Hobb would term that last a "fitz" - an acknowledged natural-born son who is not the heir.

Ishmael is the Bible's most famous fitz, born to Abraham and his Handmaid. Those born to the Adam-Lilith union follow the Ishmaelite pattern. The Banu / Bnai Abraham are the heirs of Isaac; those others are just Walad.

The citizens / subjects of Charn are para-human, in this logic. Aslan won't minister to Charn any more than He would minister to the local zoo.

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