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Monday, July 03, 2017

Alien Legacy: extension to the FAQ

Every few years I try to play Alien Legacy again - as you may remember. Back then I got about as far as starting up The Plot; see the FAQ.

In my latest go-round, The Plot started rather later - somewhere around 1690. I think this is because I'd delayed building habitats beyond the one per colony. I'd discovered Level 3 power-plants, and upgraded the lot of mine, which started to drain my life-support on those colonies. Since habitats add life-support, I'd sort-of had to build those extra habitats. Apparently if you build more than four habitats across Gaea and Rhea, The Plot takes notice of your burgeoning population.

Another plot device I've noted: at some point I had to build two research facilities on "a station" which meant, Calypso. Since my doodz were at near-full employment, I couldn't get them off my ship, and couldn't wake any more sleepyheads. So I built an extra hab on Calypso, and the colonists started awakening faster. Then I got the opportunity to upgrade to level-2 habs, albeit only on Calypso. That's space for 400 doodz on the home base. Great! Until the cryo starts malfunctioning, and you have to clear the sleepyheads all out. Inconvenient if you don't have a lot of vehicles on hand... anyway, by keeping the doodz to south of 150 (by shipping them off), and by keeping a vehicle parked on Calypso, this plot device doesn't kick in. I didn't even know about this particular plot-point until tonight. Move 1700ish.

Remember that solar-systems are concentric. You can make this work for you. For instance: Calypso got all the way to Gaea, third planet from the sun. Did you know you can move it that little bit further in? I recommend the second planet, Rhea; a lovely tropical resort this season, and with much spare ore, and near to Prometheus also with much spare ore. Do this after you've planted some colonies and exactly one vehicle on Gaea (for future exploration).

Some say, don't bother colonising the eight Beta Asteroids. I say, phooey on that - well, half phooey. By keeping a colony on all even numbered Betas (or odd), with lots of spare doodz and botz, and one ship on each of the four: you can launch off whichever Beta is closest to the Zeus system and populate it thence. It doesn't take a lot of robots to people Zeus because the two planets there have leftover botz from Calypso. The Betas are also good for Thetis and (later) Hades - although, you'll have to bring your own robots for these. One issue I had in one of the Betas, a decade ago, was a bug that granted me (or cost me) tens of thousands in ore or energy.

Another point: you can, of course, refuel a vehicle from a colony. But: you can do this only if that colony has some energy points on hand. It is safest to bring energy along on your trip. If you want a hab on there for humans, which - spoiler - you do, then you'll almost certainly need to bring your own botz and life support, as well. My usual plan was to send one ship with 20ish botz (and the other bric-a-brac); the next ship full of doodz and maybe some extra botz. Why not on just one ship? My experience with Hades will teach you, young padawan . . .

By the time I'd got the opportunity to push to Hades, I was short on ships and the journey was going to take 48 turns out of the limit of 50. (Also, I like to live life on the edge.) I was able to colonise Hades on one ship with 200 fuel left, carrying only 30 doodz, some botz, and life. First I built the colony and dropped the botz and life off. Then I visited another square for energy and then one more square for ore, came back and dropped THOSE off. But I still couldn't refuel, with the doodz on board! So I sent the ship with doodz into orbit; built a hab on Hades; then put my doodz back onto Hades (by freefall, presumably). I then set my doodz n' botz to building all that other stuff a healthy colony needs. Yeah, the moons and planets tend to have ruins with some spare life. No, you're not going to find it if carrying doodz and <=200 remaining fuel.

Other general points: I built two research facilities on Calypso and moved them to math as soon as I could. This helps a lot early on, saves tedium on exploring worlds. Later, though, the outer worlds Thetis and Hades appear to have a lot of their own math. So, when the Science Gal (Patel, in my run) told me it's time to upgrayyed, I took that opportunity to retool to Electronics, by now thinner on the ground.

When starting out, you'll want a factory on Calypso for vehicles. After you've got your vehicles on four Betas and roaming around the outer planets, it's safe to stop and move to botz. I made an effort to fish-out Hebe and Hera, and Thetis, of all their plot-points and research-points, so I wouldn't need vehicles on them; I sent the vehicles back into the inner-system, by way of a Beta if need be.

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