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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why

Lately I've been hearing about a Netflix series, Thirteen Reasons Why. Apparently a decade ago there had been a young-adult novel by Jay Asher - not to be confused with Neil Asher of Gabbleduck fame. The miniseries is TV-MA, and it's had mixed reviews. None of this has stopped your kids from binge watching this thing.

Last Monday at work, someone dropped off a hardcover of the original. (Complete with the sticker from the Borders store s/he'd bought it at. If that's not authentic 2007, I don't know what is.) Last night I read it; I returned it this morning.

I am not here to review this book, much less the series which I haven't seen yet. I will note in passing that the series makes some changes: it fleshes out more of the town, a bit cardboard in the novel; it explains whyever Courtney suddenly started a rumour about Hannah being gay(?); both of which data would have been useful to know in the original. The series makes other changes I'm not sold on - so I'm given to understand - and it also (regrettably) retains the book's Very Special Episode simplisme. The series might even be worse in that the book does here-and-there allude to Hannah's mental and moral collapse. We don't get that in the series.

But never mind Hannah. As I read the book, I'm more interested in her home town - it is doomed. I spent some time last night thinking of the many reasons the town is doomed (thirteen of them?) - and I wanted to read that book. Fortunately the series has taken off so hard, that there's going to be a sequel.

In fact, the Boning Of The Town has already started: the school photographer has been outed as a pervert, and the other kids are already breaking his windows at home. As for those other kids: well, we got the rapist, and the drunk-driving girl who has already killed some other student, and several fakes at least one of whom is bisexual (at least). Can't see it ending well...

The series for its part has had Hannah's parents file a suit, and has hinted that the pervert is preparing to Columbine up the school. Seems about right.

UPDATE 6/18: the boulder terlit review.

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