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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The tyrants oppose jihad

Mohamed Elhamy: There is not a single tyrant or oppressor who does not fight the principle of Jihad, just like the occupiers did, when they invaded our countries. They even created Islamic sects and movements that would repudiate Jihad. (h/t Jihadwatch.) Despite his bias, Elhamy is actually doing good history here.

In order to create a stable state, especially when surrounded by non-Muslim states, the caliph must enforce a monopoly on violence. That means he cannot allow jihad, unless by his personal command. The Umayyads had kept a light hand on "privatised jihad", and it turned against them, when they could no longer afford it. The 'Abbasids changed this policy.

The Umayyads' imams, especially Awza'i, had argued that caliphal restraint on jihad is a tyranny. Elhamy is at heart an Awza'ite. Which makes him, if not a "better" Muslim than President Sisi, at least a Muslim with a longer intellectual pedigree.

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