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Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Solutrean crisis

The "Solutrean" era kicks in around 20kya. This is basically Europe's Clovis era.

Karin Bojs doesn't draw that connexion, but many enthusiasts have... mostly white nationalists and kooks. On this one occasion I agree with Bojs' decision - and I have reason to think it was a decision - not to touch it. Anyway we're talking Europe 20kya here; Clovis came later.

The Ice Age had come back for its last blast, second-to-last if we're differentiating the Younger Dryas. Fleeing the long winter, many northerners, the U5 ladies amongst them, fled south. Some of them kept going, giving up on Europe entirely: U5b1 is now found in the Kabylie and even in Senegal.

Those Europeans who stayed learnt to domesticate dogs and, this time, kept them domesticated (14.5kya / 12500 BC, a doggy burial). According to Bojs, dogs are good for keeping warm at nights. The Europeans also learnt needle-and-thread, which allowed for better-tailored clothing.

With these innovations, Europeans were able to withstand the Ice Age cold. U5 (and U4) lineages swarmed back north - and beyond, into such lands as Doggerland and Sweden (14kya, Hamburg Culture). These near-tundra environments (today underwater and wooded-or-farmed, respectively) must have been considered hyperboreal up to that point.

People were now living so far north, that the demand for Vitamin D, to counteract the lack of sun, was getting unsustainably high. The climate did get warmer, in summers anyway. But that also meant the forests came to Sweden and England (no more elephants!)... and Doggerland was going under. So, tribe by tribe, the darkness got worse if anything. In response, white skin began to appear here. So did the bow and arrow.

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