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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Representative Scalise, Confessor

A (D)hadi recently shot Stephen Scalise at a bipartisan ballgame full of lobbyists. Scalise is recovering. Others were also shot; a Tyson lobbyist was killed. At least nobody can claim to be surprised...

To disclose, I've mentioned Scalise once before here - without much respect. He'd fumbled around on the white-identity fringe of Louisiana, to the extent it's still unclear if he was even there, but he apologised anyway, making him a buffoon. His fumblings didn't appease the Left either. So now, here we all are.

When Scalise was taken to hospital, Speaker Ryan and other Republicans went out of their way to declare this "an attack on all of us", including Democrats. Not according to the shooter's list of names, but then - there was that dead lobbyist, which Ryan must really have mourned. Ryan identifies more with such lobbyists than with his own base, which he treats as a vehicle for his personal status. That a Tyson lobbyist had attended this event disgusts me; Tyson is not on US citizens' side.

My hope is that Scalise gets "woke", and that he tacks to a pro-American position. No more bipartisan games with treasonous lobbyists. No more apologising for what his base needs.

Scalise is a (literal) target for Democrat fanatics as it is. He loses nothing by fighting back.

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