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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ooh! Subversive!

I still haven't seen Wonder Woman but now that a couple weeks have gone by, I'll probably go back on my word and sneak in. Not Helping is this tweet by one Ed Yong: Wonder Woman was everything I wanted & needed it to be. A stunningly shot, thoughtfully constructed, repeatedly subversive movie. Wondrous.

Yong's commenters were already asking what, exactly, this movie is subverting. It's unlikely to be the Wonder Woman lore itself, given that this is DC's last chance. Maybe it's subverting The Tropes Of The Genre, you know, like this character's been doing since at least the 1970s, to the point it's now spawned its own baggage of tropes. Or is it the general Patriarchy? or Feminism? I have to go further into Ed Yong's twitter for clues. There I find a trendy Lover Of Science Sexually who also, by the way, doesn't like Trump much. So I guess Yong is reading a big feminist message into this movie. Although, at least one SJW later showed up to say the movie was fascist.

I should point out here, if some guy in, oh, Japan came out with a movie claiming that the Nanking massacre was a just retaliation for illegal Chinese resistance and that, besides, the death toll was vastly exaggerated, that would also be subversive. Or, to turn this around, if some descendant of an ethnic group once expelled by Han Chinese were to bring this up again (like Bolyu Buddhists, by the Tang): might not that be subversive? Something tells me that Yong wouldn't use the word in his review though. (I might, but then I don't tend to use the word as a compliment.)

Whenever someone tells you he finds something he likes to be "subversive", he is flattering himself. He is posing as one bravely undercutting some force more powerful than he is. Feel free to ignore anything else from such a blowhard.

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