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Thursday, June 22, 2017

How conservative dissidents get it wrong

Gene Ponder, a teacher and conservative-activist in Alabama, recently offered up a reading list. The usual suspects called bias and have now got it un-offered. I figured it worth my while to sneak a peak at what he'd proposed.

I count one book by a Leftist, namely James Loewen, which book I have read. I count another book by... I'm not sure where Steven Levitt would find his home these days, probably in that underpopulated lower right; but I haven't read this one. I count twenty-nine other books, none of which I have read either. They generally look like midwit Rightish / Neocon comfort-food, the stuff that Dubya's base of too-white-and-not-too-bright Christians bought during his Administration. Except maybe for Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks; but since I am (now) an altdissident-righter, I expect I've read the basics elsewhere already.

This reminds me, here in Colorado, of how two years back Jefferson County's Conservatives tried to reform their schools. That didn't work either.

If you are going to challenge your students from the Right, don't wave the flag and sing 'God Bless America' with that fake tear rolling down your cheek. Go Froude, or go home.

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