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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flynn's collusion

There were rumours floating around that Lt. Col. Michael Flynn, formerly a Trump advisor, was in cahoots with the Russians. What aren't rumours, is that Flynn was taking payment from Recep Erdogan, or Sultan Recep as I like to call him.

The Turks are now saying that some US official has promised them that we'd disarm the Kurds in Syria.

Now, I doubt that we've announced any such thing to the Kurds. I doubt we've even made such a promise to the Turks - officially. From the State Department level the most we've told the Turks is "we'll pass this concern to Washington".

At a guess this assurance had come from Flynn, known for opposing pro-Kurd measures. Since Flynn isn't in the Trump circle-of-trust anymore, if he was the man who made this promise, it's no longer in effect.

The Turks have little to lose by leaking this odious promise. With it, they put Trump on notice: does he break "his" word (actually Flynn's)? If so, the Turks get the pretext to invade those parts of Syria.

What a mistake, the hiring of Flynn was. In Trump's defence... Flynn is a liar, and it can be difficult to sniff out liars. Also, being "under investigation" in today's Potomac Wetland doesn't mean much - especially since that investigation was mainly about Russia, which is bogus. Flynn's collusion with Erdogan was real, by contrast, and that's what Trump should have noticed. Well, at least this mistake was corrected.

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