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Friday, June 02, 2017

Equality for East Asian men now!

On the front cover of The Atlantic, I've been noticing an article from the late Alex Tizon, coming clean about his family's slave-owning past. By "family" here we don't mean his nineteenth-century ancestors in Alabama - nor in Asia for that matter; we mean his parents in Seattle - and soon enough, we mean him, himself. Steve Sailer posted a comment concerning Tizon, adding that Tizon had formerly crossed his notice when he was complaining about American women who, for whatever reason, didn't want to date him. Racism, I guess.

This reminded me of Walter Chaw's review for The Great Wall - I've since seen it, it's not the world's best movie, but never mind that for now. Chaw's review is personal to the point of self-parody: a high-school girlfriend's father told me I wasn't "good enough" for his daughter. Later he complains about Data (Chinese), the inventor in The Goonies. I interject here that - at the time - most of us boys thought Data was awesome, if a little racist (oh noes! he'll have to move to Detroit!). But all Chaw noticed, it seems, was MICROAGGRESSION.

Both cases involve Asian men lamenting that they can't grab any white pussy (because you just know they're not going for the other races more-or-less indigenous to this continent, least of all the darkest ones - check out the lack of an onscreen kiss in Romeo Must Die). I shall raise here that some self-awareness might be nice.

If you think Americans handle Asians badly, just wait 'til you see the movies destined for the Asian market. In The Great Wall the Chinese characters - and actors and staff for that matter - didn't want their girls near Matt Damon...'s character. It went similarly in the second Independence Day. Non-East-Asian girls watch these movies too. (Well, most of them did skip these exact two cinematic bombs; but they have run across other Chinese-focused movies, anyway.) If they see such movies, their takeaway is going to be that the mainland Chinese, for a start, think they're too good for us.

I know, that's back in Asia. It is unfair to judge Americans of German descent by what lame crap the Germans get up to in Germany. So let's look at what's going on over here.

In Tizon's case, the first time some poor girl witnessed an actual female slave in the house, this sight might be, I dunno, a bit of a turn-off, no matter how many Harlequin romances she's read. In the other case, here we have a whiner who still hasn't grown up and whose career path doesn't look very lucrative, or even stable.

If you were the father of a white girl, or for that matter of a black girl, would you want her near either of these guys?

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