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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Christian extremism

Arkansas recently did its Bible-Belt thing and raised up a Protestant memorial on state grounds. It didn't last long.

That's interesting in of itself, and it becomes more interesting when you listen to the vandal. Our man Michael Tate Reed seems to have some... issues. But he also seems to be a keen reader of Jesus' actual words, and of the Constitution. (The difference between being slightly nuts and being radically intelligent is a function of the amygdala.) He identified this monument as an affront to the Christian religion and to the American Constitution. He might well have said, to paraphrase another brilliant loon, Dylann Roof: it Had To Go.

The "hang ten!!!" monuments are couched as Judaeo Christian Heritage. Many many years ago I noted here other nations' signals in this direction, that it points to a new religion being born right here. Spandrell has been calling for such a faith for some time.

I've also coincidentally mentioned here Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale. I've generally thought of it as an anti-Christian screed. Maybe it's not, though; maybe it's an antiJudaeoChristian screed. Maybe it's attacking the New Religion that Spandrell is calling for. The screenwriters, at least in the first season, seem to agree; they don't cite Christian imagery nearly as much as Puritanism and, indeed, Islam.

We may live to see a Christian underground venerating Michael Tate Reed as a Confessor and small-p prophet. I do hope not.

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