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Monday, May 08, 2017

What happened to the cult compound?

I didn't tell you what happened to le culte de la flamme chantante after Onfrei discovers it. Part of writing is to decide what story-threads to exclude; another part, more controversial, is to decide what to leave hanging as a tease for more stories.

I was careful (or cowardly) enough to move the compound off the Tim Kirk map, to the southwest, deep in the Massif Central. So when Nathaire redivivus smashes his way up and down the province, and when the Beast of the Comet does the same on a smaller scale, this site isn't in their scope, any more than is Nôtre Dame in Paris.

As for the sudden loss of the cult's influence - I don't know yet. Maybe the destroyers in "Beyond the Singing Flame" visited our planet too. Maybe the portal guttered out on its own. Most likely Simon de Montfort, dealing with the Cathars elsewhere, sent up a crew to squash this smaller sect, just to be sure.

Surely some ruin remains; and if a curious reader of "The Cult" were to rediscover the site, such would be a disaster almost beyond telling...

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