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Friday, May 05, 2017

Waving the bloody shirt

There's a healthcare debate on. The Right - well, not-far-Left anyway - is currently winning, with a not-terrible bill headed to the Senate. You will have noticed on Twitter a number of sad, sad stories, being shared widely among the storytellers' friends, that hadn't been told at points when there wasn't a healthcare debate on.

The storytellers always have lots of close, good friends; ever-willing to spread their tales of woe throughout the land. But the close, good friends are not such bosom friends they are willing to lay out the cash themselves. They've done their moral duty in spreading the tale. Hey, it's payment in kind!

The storytellers are fine with this. They seem more worried about people like me who aren't spreading the sad, sad stories with "likes" and pledges: You want to be the person to ask those other families for their credit card before trying to restart their infants heart?.

All I have to say to the tellers of sad, sad stories is a long, insincere "dawwww" whilst I try to find my way away from the angry mob they're riling up.

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