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Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Cult of the Singing Flame

I've been working on a project over the last few weeks. Now I am (provisionally) done so here it is: "The Cult of the Singing Flame", on Its synopsis: The teenaged monk Onfrei leaves the abbey PĂ©rigon and the young woman he has courted, to compose music for the Bishop of Ximes. But an unholy new seduction awaits him there, that may consume him and all he loves...

I listed this story under the Tragedy / Horror genres, although its chord also bears a strong undertone of Young Adult Romance. And yes, I rated it T. If you want to look up the very-nsfw "assais" then go for it (let's do... FLANG!), but the details aren't necessary for the story.

For category, I couldn't find Averoigne nor general Clark Ashton Smith; all I found was Zothique. So I just stuck my story with "Cthulhu". The alien flute is a nod to HPL's "Azathoth"; this got me to the Clark Ashton Smythos.

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