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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

See, I told you so

After Erdogan mouths off about how Israel is "occupying" Jerusalem, Trump meekly backs down and reneges on his promise to recognise it as Israel's capital.

(I confess that I was - partially - wrong at the time, which was the 2016 election; I'd predicted that Trump was going to lose... having made this promise. Because I didn't think Americans were such schmucks they'd believe a lie so transparent. Plan B was if he'd win, then he'd break the promise. Either way Jerusalem wasn't going to be the recognised capital 2017-20.)

If you had believed his promise, or any such promise made by a candidate, you're stupid. They always promise this and they always lie.

UPDATE 5/11: Hope is on the way! He'll still have the promise to run on.

Give it up, Donald. You're just not that good a liar.

UPDATE 5/17: So that's that.

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