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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Marxism as sociological theory of class

Karl Marx made a number of mistakes in his "science". The labour-theory of value is wrong, invalidating him as an economist. As a psychohistorian, to use Asimov's term, Marx took a side: an antiscientific error, which Asimov subtly undermined when he drew up Hari Seldon who was not taking sides except for order and truth. This, added with biases from the Jews, led Marx to a Whig view of history. But the facts cannot support this March Of Progress. As a result since Marx's death "Marxism" has become a culture, or even a cult.

Having said all that, I do not rule out all Marx's work. For instance I think his extreme materialism is the best possible starting-point for any theory of historical-prediction and for most theories of historical analysis. Bernard Lewis used to agree.

Marx was also right in diagnosing that a bourgeois class exists, and is evil - much more worthy of a good man's ire than are "conservatives" or "the alt right". Marx in his own day could watch a class of businessmen reaching across borders, as the kings had done before them, and siding with the kings to maintain order. He could also witness them colluding with each other to crush the working classes of each respective country.

Marx's solution was to unite a pan-national working class. The workers weren't interested in that. They formed unions instead. Who then turned to politicians. Who then ... reached across borders, like the bourgeoisie had done. And justified this at first in Marx's name, now in terms of social-justice.

Whatever Marx wanted, what we see now is the international bourgeoisie co-opting the soi-disant leaders of various "victim" groups, and turning them against the workers. Look at Google, going out of their way to police Gender Equality in movies - turning our own women against us. Thus the spectacle of high class Marxist ways.

UPDATE 5/22: Apparently there was something in the air last week because now we got Michael Lind's article (via VD). For more on this idea, which is not new: Murray and Herrnstein, The Bell Curve; David Lebedoff, The Uncivil War.

UPDATE 11/9: "Marxianism"?

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