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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Looking for Clark Ashton Smith derivative fiction

Sometime last weekend, maybe a little before, I got a redirect from paintbrush12's article-page over at Fanpop. I couldn't find a direct link but I did find a chatroom scrolling by on the right. I gather that someone trolling around on that page dropped a link to this place, and someone clicked it. So, whoever you are - welcome. It is worth posting something about fanfic.

Fanfic(tion) is for people of a literary bent who wish to share experiences in the world of the books they like. Clark Ashton Smith, HP Lovecraft, and Robert Howard shared tropes amongst themselves to such an extent they came pretty close to fanfiction. August Derleth and all the Conan novelists crossed that line, hard. So if you want Conan fanfiction or Cthulhu fanfiction, you can get it. Easily.

It's not nearly as easy to find post-Smith work. The Last Continent collected many Zothique stories from authors mostly-barely-midlist plus, er, Gene Wolfe. Smith's Averoigne got Castle Amber, although that's not new fiction so much as an attempt to fit the old fiction (the wrong fiction, and the wrong map) into D&D rules.

For those interested, Archive Of Our Own is hosting Dragoness Eclectic's "End of the Story" homage, "The Rest of the Story". Keep in mind that Archive Of Our Own has a reputation for being not-safe-for-work, so take care where you are before clicking this link.

Averoigne seems more likely to get indirectly namechecked (hey, just like Lovecraft and Howard!), and such references seem mainly Japanese. Like this translated manga and this parodied manga. Also Kafka'sdragon's fanfiction, itself, spins off yet another manga which seems to have noted it. Since I am not Japanese I can only guess at their interest in Averowa-nyu; the province's hints of courtly-love and nature?

FORUM 5/5: "Black Art in Vyones", by "Gaspard du Nord" in the Eldritch Dark forum.

FORUM 5/11: A decade of tribute stories, also at Eldritch Dark, ending 2009. The best of these (by far) come from one Simon Whitechapel, who now has a lulu page. As for why he stopped: I'm guessing that he's Found His Own Voice, as my English teacher would say, and has moved past derivative fiction. Which is good; this is what a writer is supposed to do. Like Jack Vance.

UPDATE 5/12: Peter Scartabello (from Providence, where else) writes a score

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