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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Infuriated, fragile men

I never much paid attention to Wonder Woman as a kid. I was aware of a TV series, cartoons, comics, maybe the odd 1960s-era movie; I don't know. Since people did consume this stuff, I have to assume that the premise was a strong one. I gather that Wonder Woman - Diana - lived in a female-only planet and/or dimension, and acquired special powers here on Earth. Much like Superman.

There's a movie coming out, and one might perhaps think that this could be an opportunity to introduce the franchise to those, like me, who hadn't gotten into it beforehand, including even men. Last night "buzzion" at the AOSHQ pointed out that in the lore, Diana left her commune because she liked men, for all our faults, and was curious about how we lived.

Unfortunately it's Current Year. So here's Alamo-Drafthouse to cater to that subset of women who don't like men and who want a safe space without us. Having provoked a Controversy, now here's the media mocking us for being "fragile"; not like those sturdy women (in flannel?), who can't abide sitting next to us. Standard operating procedure for bullies: treat someone like shit and then mock him for being upset about it. TWO FOR FLINCHING

Which brings us to the film itself. I hadn't heard that the producers have a problem with Alamo Drafthouse's policy, nor that they care about the online anti-male pile-on associated with it. I suspect (strongly) that various Suits on both sides agreed that it would make for notoriety. I so hate to disappoint...

I was planning on watching this. But now I'm planning on skipping it. It sucks that one has to pick a side, but the sides are there and one of those sides has already decided that I deserve to be bullied.

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