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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Genetic ignorance

About seven years ago, when I was still on Facebook, I had "Friended" my cousin still in England. At one point I got in a spat with one of her Left friends. He went personal pretty quick, said something like - I hope you don't breed so your ignorant genes don't spread. Since I know what "ignorance" actually means, I made much merry with that particular idiot. My cousin, likely embarrassed, then shut down that thread.

In the middle 1990s the super-evil Charles Murray and a dead guy whom everyone has forgotten, Herrnstein, collaborated on an unholy tome about statistics and genetics. This foul necronomicon was The Bell Curve. It proposed that IQ was real, and that IQ rested mainly upon a single factor it called g. This factor correlates highly with mathematical test scores, and should be treated like the CPU cycle on your PC; it is not the whole of intelligence, but it's the basis. g is also genetically transferrable. At the time The Bell Curve was controversial; today you're flat-out not allowed to read it.

Since races tend to self-segregate, one implication is that IQ will differ from race to race. Murray and Herrnstein did note that, but it's not what they cared about. What they cared about is that the high-g people around the world were not going to stick to race. Taking a cue from Marx, they predicted the smart people were going to cross frontiers and declare themselves an aristocracy. Everyone else was going to get pegged as stupid. Or, because stuck in their own ancestral homes, yokels in flyoverland. Or, because not transracial, racist.

Since the aristocracy pretends to deny IQ, and could afford to go to college, for their inferiors they prefer the epithet "ignorant". If you don't accept their Higher Truth, you are less than they. Gnosticism is their racism.

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