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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Britain first, North America next

I am a patrilineal R1b'er, like most Britons. Razib distills the latest paper: R1b is Bell-Beaker. Bell Beaker might have been a mixed population back in the Continent, especially west. But having been mixed, once they got to the British Isles they figured - screw it, we're taking it all for ourselves.

So now R1b is most British men. (As for their sisters, those matrilines are a little more complicated. My dad's mother was an Irish mtDNA "T".)

So the Celtic takeover of Britain was more like the English takeover of North America than like the Spanish takeover of Mesoamerica or, for that matter, the contemporary English takeover of Ireland. I'm sure there were some British equivalents to "Cherokee princesses" lingering here and there - Connacht, Pictland, Snowdon - until the Romans showed up. Most of those would have been as fake as Senatrix Warren.

SHOULDA POSTED THIS THEN [IT's 5/11]: Bell beaker blog.

UPDATE 5/17/2017: For one of my distant paternal ancestors, M269 or R1b1b2, researchers detect a post-Ice-Age "recent radiation". There are 110 million M269 children. Relevant to the bellbeaker main paper, my more recent ancestor is indeed R1b-S116/P312. These boys are Yamnaya from the steppe; almost certainly IndoEuropean speakers. The Tocharians were R1b1 too, where the indigenous population of Europe was I2a and G2.

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