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Saturday, May 06, 2017


Razib asks if we're approaching full employment. This means, 4% of those looking for work aren't finding it. That is lower than the usual number. We still have too many people out of work who shouldn't be, the so-called U-6 which includes those who've given up. Which we should have been hearing more about under Obama, but hey, at least the Great Lakes' voters were paying attention.

At this stage is a good time to implement policies that are sound in the long-term, but might cause some pain in the short-term.

Raising taxes is one such policy. Although I recommend doing this in the form of simplification - that is, killing deductions. This should be done in ways to hurt the Blue Model, like the state income tax deduction; and in sectors prone to bubbles, like the home interest deduction. Maybe we can also discuss farm policy, ethanol-mandates, and other such shackles on our cost-of-living.

I also recommend harsh regulations on the financial sector. Let us not endure 2008 again. Or, at least, spark the market-correction now, at the beginning of the Trump term; rather than at the end, like happened in 2008. What's Nouriel Roubini up to?

Lastly, I recommend the restoration of that welfare-reform which Obama and Pelosi gutted. Strike hard at the U-6; get the able-bodied nonworkers out of the man-cave and looking for work. Real work; so let's cut some of those phoney-baloney jobs too.

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