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Monday, May 22, 2017

Before hailing Seth Rich as a martyr

Seth Rich got himself shot in Washington DC, and the assailant beat feet. People are panicking and stories are floating around about what happened in the hospital.

Before going VINCE FOSTER!! ARKANCIDE!! (which worked so well against Bill Clinton, 1993-2000) let's all just step back, chill out, and watch a movie first. I can recommend Burn After Reading.

A botched robbery followed by gross incompetence, along with "let's cover all this up just to be on the safe side", can explain a lot of this without resort to a mass conspiracy. Not that I can put a premeditated hit past any of our sociopaths in office and along K Street. I just don't think the various DC cabal(s) are competent enough and united enough to pull it off.

To me it looks like a President Garfield situation. The medics were over-pressured, so applied their care poorly and too late.

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