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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where women learn to be too good for you

Ten years ago Glenn Reynolds noted a wasting away: Third of graduate women will be childless [in Britain].

On the campaign trail last autumn, I knocked on the door of one such educated woman about my age. There was some back-and-forth because she looked like she was open to listening; not every Boulder voter even gets to meet an open Republican. So I noted that American citizens were hurting because of illegal invasion and offshoring. I was hoping she'd have some compassion. But no: as an educated woman with Masters Degree etc etc she cannot vote with the ignorant, she was voting Clinton. As for the less-fortunate out there (particularly whites) - I detected a subtext of screw 'em, it's their fault they don't have an advanced degree. (Kevin Williamson couldn't have put it better himself.) So advanced degrees don't make women better people; they don't even make women particularly good at politics (unless the degree is in something like Economics). They do make women feel like they are better-informed and superior, though.

In the dating field, hypergamy applies. If a woman feels she's better than you, she won't bother with you. So if she has a Masters or - worse - a PhD, good luck with that if you're middle class with a Bachelors in comp-sci. The article does allow that two thirds of academically-minded women do get out the other side with respect for men, some of which might not be as "educated". But the latter such women are battling their instincts - and it is less than two thirds.

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