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Monday, April 03, 2017

The Tinder plague

I saw that Tinder was having itself some problems. Tinder spreads a lot of clap, you see. And when they're called out on it, they sic the lawyers on you. But that doesn't change the basic fact that you will get an itchy weenie if you use their service. So Tinder had to set up a clinic locator. And then there are those less fortunate.

Today for the first time I went over to Tinder's blog. Maybe they're at least getting more discerning about the people they let on.

Nah: Tinder have doubled down. They are now going all-in (as it were) on sexual dysphoria the sufferers of which disproportionately spread more disease. But everyone is welcome on Tinder!

Well, almost everyone. I have found the one trait they won't tolerate over at Tinder, which is mockery of their pieties. Rosette Pambakian, VP of Communications there, called out the "pig" named Nick for spreading "hate", for "trolling", and maybe for "racist rants" or "sexism". I remain unsure because Pambakian wouldn't relate to us what horrible things Nick said.

(Maybe it was something about Armenians. It has been noticed around here that a -ian suffix on a family-name is highly correlated with the utterance of politically-charged bullshit, and has been for some time. But anyway.)

For the ladies and... others... at Tinder who wanted a piece of Nick, and to give him a gift he'd remember forever - that's one less technology-and-business guy. It is also one less guy with the Alpha (or Sigma?) mindset; one less guy uncompromising in his principles. As for Nick himself, something tells me that he'll be fine.

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