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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Tea-Party's blacklist

Having dealt with Kurz and the Rightists he's run off to tattle to, let's look at the outfit posting that blacklist on his behalf, "Turning Point".

TPUSA's acronym is too cute by half, being not only a reference to the Communists (CPUSA) but also, I suspect, one to the Tea-Party - likely by way of that stupid "Coffee-Party" (CoffeePartyUSA).

Outside their knowledge of American history, at least those running their blacklist have some holes in their transcripts. They have no sense of the difference between Hendel's syllabus in his own classroom and Hendel's Leftism outside it. Just like they cannot tell the difference between the TPUSA's own stated goals, which are economic and political-theoretical, and a side-issue like an outside study of the Jewish Bible. UPDATE 5:30 PM - I can offer some additional advice on how to spot yellow journalism.

I have contacted TPUSA.

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