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Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Saudi truce

A lot of apocalyptic ahadith spread around the place under the 'Abbasids. The Sunnis didn't canonise much of it, but [h/t Dar ul Harb] when they did...

You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: come here, O Muslim, there is a Jew, so kill him.

This is commonly used in Muslim communities to rile up the crowds against Jews and - lately - against Israel. As a Sunnite hadith it is most common amongst the Sunnis. Since this hadith is associated with an polemic against Jew-ridden Isfahan, the Iranians have never liked it, and the Khomeinist state for its anti-Zionist posturing tends to fall back on the Qur'an's anti-Jewish passages instead. Also, it is apocalyptic, which we seculars can never accept: this one in particular is certainly linked with (post-)Jewish messianic outbursts of the Marwânî-'Abbâsî era. Islam would be better off without it.

Sunni Muslims cannot let go of it; a prophecy is a prophecy. Accordingly back on 28 August 2012 one Abu Amina Elias put out an explanation. He'd done it on the site too, but I can no longer access it there. Google shows he'd posted a lot of material there, at least up to 2014, but the new domain registrar "Francisca" / "Situs Religi Umat" seems to have deleted all his work; replacing it with advertising spam. Elias has since moved most of his work.

The wordpress blog seems to like Dutch as much as English. The old site is now in Bahasa. I'd probably be overreaching to link those; Dutch is no longer a thing in Indonesia.

Abu Amina Elias' blog al-Tahrîr implies the general notion of "liberation"; the state of being free would, I think, be something like Ihrâr. Whether or not Elias belongs to the infamous jihadist antechamber Hizb al-Tahrîr, he is like them a follower of Ibn Taymiyya(ti). The Ibn Taymiyya school is what the Saudis have put the most effort into translating: in fiqh, Bukhari and Muslim (and Malik), not Shaybani; in tafsir, Ibn Taymiyya's student Ibn Kathir, not Tabari. So although this stuff is easiest to find, it's not normative in Sunni Islam. Any educated Muslim knows this; Elias's posts are well versed in Islam, despite being selective. Ibn Kathir's apocalypticism leads directly to the Hizb and thence to sects like ISIS unless the Imams have specifically warned against it. So when you read Elias, you are reading the verdict of Saudi clerics.

Elias has adopted a post-2012 Wahhabist party line. The Zionist Entity is currently not a threat to Muslims in Egypt and Arabia - it never was, of course. To Arab Sunnis, the worse threat is now Iran. Meanwhile apocalyptic is a distraction, a dangerous one that leads to al-Raqqa and hell. As for apocalyptic threats against the Jews, knock it off and trust your imam.

For now.

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