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Saturday, April 15, 2017

"The Police betrayed us."

A Venezuelan exile group in DC has written to Fox News, on the long coup by which the Chavistas have entirely centralised power and wealth to themselves, and reduced their nation to serfdom. The main tactic was to take over the judiciary. As a result, Venezuela is now a country where the law is simply a racket.

Some Trump supporters attempted to hold a rally in Berkeley, as is their Constitutional right, especially given that Trump was legally elected (whatever you think of his policies). The cops arrested some of them for, I don't know what, "disturbing the peace" or whatever Erdoganish buzzword. The cops did not arrest thugs who wore masks, Klan-like, to carry out their dirty deeds. All this of course rallied the anti-Trumpers there, of which Berkeley has many, to redouble their physical assaults.

The Left's disregard for law enforcement is well known. What happens when the Right decides it agrees?

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