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Sunday, April 16, 2017


Le Dildo de Charlie Brown chez Ace discusses the Snowflake Phenomenon. His take is its emergence from the Left. Ace is a Right site. But as often happens - this is a problem for the Left as well.

Put it this way: in college, you will hear and read stuff you don't already know, or "know"; and if you are a special snowflake, you are going to be butthurt at the stuff you hear and read. There was once a time when the prof could say to the class: these are the basics, you're being graded on your knowledge of the basics, if you disagree then save it for the essays and the final exam, and footnote your work. If you prove me wrong that is awesome. But if you're going to be an ass piping up in class all the time, there's the door.

Today it happens that the "muscle", as Click noted, to shout down the prof is on the Left. Some people on the Right want in on this power but are evil for asking, and - more to the point - aren't getting sympathy for it.

I say that for teachers, snowflake students are a universal problem. Teachers in general, as long as they coddle the Left, won't be able to claim moral authority to shut off Right whiners. A teacher might get people like me on their side, if the prof is lucky, but our support - as you've noticed - is conditional at best. The teacher also won't be able to shut off Left whiners when Zhang Tiesheng learns to work the levers.

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