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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Racial memory

Before Sargon and before the Sumerians whom he defeated, an empire ruled the land between the rivers. No explicit memory of this had reached us. But Razib Khan has deduced this empire, from the Uruk Culture of archaeology. Perhaps it left implicit memories.

In 1984, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis had helped bring the movie Ghostbusters to our screens. That movie proposed gods of the Near East - of the Hittites, Sumerians and Mesopotamians - which elder daemones the respectable histories never mentioned, but which were nonetheless out there, scratching their way back into this world. The movie named its main destructor Gozer; his/her lieutenant (Indo-European and Semitic genders don't much apply here; Hittite works better) was Zuul. Late in the movie the spirit of the mad extradimensional prophet Vinz Clortho took over Luis Tully, and preached about the dead race of zuuls, during a cataclysm of some other time, or of other dimension. Perhaps the Zuul was the last of these, another Gozer's prophet, whom Gozer had saved like Allah had saved "Sâlih".

Recently Ackroyd was asked, at some gathering, about these strange events; because he has a family background in the occult, and he had helped plot out Ghostbusters's background. He told the fan that Vinz's crazy just "sounded right". This was subconscious.

"Racial memory" was also noted elsewhere in that script. The university which featured in the movie is Columbia in New York City. They've done research in genetic sources of aversion. We don't have to resort of genetic hardcodes of course; the stories passed from grandmother to son will do just as well.

I don't believe (much) in extradimensional horror. I do, however, believe in an objective reality, an arta, a dharma, a maat - even if we don't have a term like this in English. And I believe in entropy - that people may deviate from arta, causing a collapse. In the West the process tends to come as a cycle. Vinz's ranting involved themes of "reconciliation" and "rectification". (One of these corrections, he let slip, had destroyed the zuuls.) After a correction, a better civilisation may arise.

I shall float here that, deep down, Ackroyd knew the Reconciliation as that moment when all the pious falsehoods are laid bare, and the gods of the world die, and the old truths and the old gods return [UPDATE 2/19/2018 - as in Asimov's 'Nightfall']. Ackroyd knew the Zheng-Ming. You can call it Gozer; you can call it Nemesis, or the Furies. But where the Chinese document the Zheng-Ming, with their ink-brushes painting hieratic glyphs from the Bronze Age; the Return of the Traveller is something we Westerners feel, from the days of Uruk. They never altered their pace.

UPDATE 1/15/2018 - there's a meme afoot about the Annunaki. Hey, why not.

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